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'Embarrassing' road trip

I was at the game. I love KU football. Cozart is not the answer. Bless the kid but no vision, no presence, and there is dificulty finding hope. There were open receivers, he doesnt see them. Period. Cummings is no different, i've seen him play. Bring in Millweard. We need a thrower not a runner. No player that doesnt get it at a younger age just automatically gets it at an older age. Reesing was arguably better as a sophomore than jr or sr. You have it or you dont. Two words. Mark Mangino. Mark Mangino. Bring back the toughness, the will, the fight, the perseverence. I love KU, its players, and I want them to have success more than anything.

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Passing judgment: Weis says KU air attack 'not acceptable' following 34-19 loss to Oklahoma

Defense is better and full of underclassmen. Special teams are better despite the punt block. Offense not. Cozart's redshirt has been pullled. Got 6 games to see what he can do. Play him out. Build from there. Dont pull reesing's, er Cozart's, redshirt and not see what you have for no reason. Nothing to lose.

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Opinion: Jayhawks playing hard for Charlie Weis

Jayhawks played tough. Progress was made today. A lot of season left. If the offense can get going they're are alot of things that can progress. Taking the bell ringer of the big 12 to the 4th qtr is a positive day. I want to win as bad as anyone but realize that it takes time. Saw more wood. Bulid.

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KU defensive lineman Marquel Combs to transfer

I think my lesson here is there are never absolutes about KU football, just grains of salt. Combs is so hyped, now he's gone. Crist was so hyped, no comment. This guy's great, this guy's great. Eh. What is encouraging is the players in the system seem to have improved, especially along the D front and D overall. That's encouraging that they are being coached up, at least in the weight room. If anything Weis plays the best player and sticks to his guns. Good for him and good for the players who work hard to be the best.

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Opinion: KU's offense not quite right in opener

This team is better. We have a field goal kicker, a kickoff kicker, a punter, punt returner, and a qb who pass the eye test. We didnt have any of those last year. The Oline can get nasty, dominated in run blocking. Mental mistakes, pass blocking and defensive assignment issues were apparent. We basically missed two touchdowns with Stowers int return negated and Sims fumble near the goalline. 45-14 everyone would be singng. And we laid up at the end of the game. I still think we can squeeze 4 wins, and thats me not counting next week which will be tough.....

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Potential QB transfer part of What Caught My Eye at Day 14 of KU football fall camp

Do we have Pearce Slater back in the state of KS? No update there has me concerned.......

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