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Guard Aldridge asks for transfer

Just continues the years if this. Hope Coach Schneider can turn this ship around soon.

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Top prospect Andrew Wiggins chooses Kansas

It is like Christmas in May. :) Rock Chalk Jayhawk.

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KU freshman Rio Adams to transfer

I was excited when he signed after reading about his senior year but he never looked comfortable in the offense. We could have used him in the rotation this year but it just didn't seem to click. Sometimes new scenery is best. Best wishes to Rio.

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Notebook: Jeff Withey says morale 'pretty low'

I too think it is different, but hope I am wrong. This is not a great shooting team nor does it appear that they are able to run. They have a 1/2 court offense going right now and that is not successful, at least not at this time. Then where at one time, I thought we had a deep team, it is apparent that we do not. The development of Ellis and Traylor has moved at snail's pace, not what I expected. I am still a Jayhawk fan but at this time we are not as strong as most of the teams have been in the last 25 years. I know this has been a struggle for HCBS, trying to find their game plan, but if anyone can get this ship righted, it is him.

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Thomas Robinson declares for NBA Draft

There was not even a decision to be made, so obvious. Best wishes on a successful, prosperous and healthy NBA career and a wonderful future!! You are a class act.

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Bill Self worried about energy

For sure, totally agree!

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Did Xavier Henry make the right decision by declaring for the 2010 NBA Draft?

I have to agree that this is the correct decision. It seems to me that the NBA drafts on potential more than any other sport. They like his body, raw ability, etc., and that is what they are banking on. I can't blame anyone for this, to make the kind of money they will make. If need be, they can go back for a degree later but if they are smart with their money, will they really need that?

I agree with what others say, he was average at best this year, but thats not what is driving this decision. The fact that he can make the big bucks now, makes the decision fairly easy.

I hate this one-and-done era but I think we will see more and more of that in the upcoming years here at KU.

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Self comments on Henry situation

I remember writing on here that I will believe that they are Jayhawks the day I see them wearing a KU jersey in a game for KU. I dont know if we will ever see that. Yes, this is getting very old. I am sure it would be fun to watch him play for us but. . .

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Henry UK visit April 25-26

We are all excited with the media "frenzy" of the college decisions for these prime-time players but every year it seems to get worse and worse. I am going to announce this weekend, no wait, lets wait till next week or later. I know the media and fans add to this "madness" but it appears that these young men also love all the attention they are getting. Some people suggest we should give them a break as this is the biggest decision of these young men's lives but how big is it to decide where to go to college for one year for these OAD's? I am a big KU fan and I would love to get one of them but right now, I am not holding my breath for either.

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