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Ball security could secure win at WVU

I can see this being a big assist game for Frank or Devonte if we have success breaking their press or at least getting that rebound monster Devin Williams in foul trouble early

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Big, big, big Big Monday: KU, OU gird for ‘ridiculous’ matchup

I believe KU's depth will beat OU up in the end because they only go 7 players deep and if Perry get Spangler into foul trouble early or We can get one of the their guards in foul trouble and we make someone beside Buddy Hield beat us, we should be fine this game.

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Bill Self praises role players for win at SDSU

We just got to let Self take it one game at a time because he is still trying to figure it out himself. Rome was built in a day and neither will this possible national championship contender. I believe in his process and think we are ok right now.

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KU Christmas crisis averted: Jayhawks win at SDSU

Brannen Greene has really been locked in these last few games. He played and acted like he want to play defense. He never got to up or down on himself. I love the way he is playing right now. I hope he keeps it up.

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Kansas blows out Holy Cross

I understand where you are coming from with that but that's why you get right against weaker opponents so you will have the same result again better opponents or attempt too. Consistence, Confidence, and Intensity is what you want to see out of games like this which I think they did a good job of last night.

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Matt Tait: KU takes the good and bad with Brannen Greene

and he doing just that, he seemed really focus last night like I have never seen before. I hope this carries on thru the season

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Power source: Self seeks energy off bench from Diallo

Traylor is physical but not tall enough go back and look and then roster for other teams from WUG. Traylor is 6'7" on a good day. And sometimes it is not about being the better player but giving what your team need to make the team better. We need a rebound and hustle guy and that's what Mari and Lucas do.

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Power source: Self seeks energy off bench from Diallo

well number one is the physicality and what the refs let you get away with over there. Like over the back calls and handchecking. That's why Selden was so much more effective because it is almost borderline street ball in foreign countries for basketball and Selden is built for that kind of ball but I really don't know why he isn't getting a lot of tick. That is a true head scratcher

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Freed: Cheick Diallo finally cleared by NCAA

I feel you from that standpoint but I would at least like to see the kid dress after all the hell he has been through.

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Freed: Cheick Diallo finally cleared by NCAA

Still don't like the fact he can't play tonight. Why not tonight? That is stupid

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