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KU quarterback Reesing to travel to NYC as Campbell Trophy finalist

oh, my...............

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Game balls and gassers

I can't believe people are actually stirred up over the uniforms!! There is something a little more important here folks! Our team started out with 5 wins and lost the last 7...that is somewhat more disturbing to me than what the players were wearing! Guess I was at Arrowhead to watch a football game not a fashion show!!!

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KU planned to run on final drive

All the concern over the uniforms??? What about the talent packed into the uniforms?Let me just say the red jerseys look far as the rest of the uniform, I didn't care...I was there to watch football!! More important things to observe then the uniforms!! Reesing did manage to find his receivers, who really make him look fantastic when he connects!! Why is it that the QB gets all the glory for pass completions? Reesing's receivers have worked their butts off the last 7 weeks trying to make receptions! They are the ones, if they can catch one of his passes, move it on down the field. Let's give them some credit!! After all Reesing is the one who got sacked in the end zone for a safety....had that not happened Mizzou would have needed a TD to win!! We definately needed Opurum for those runs up the middle! Yes, this was the year that the Jayhawks should have had it all! I feel so bad for those seniors who put their hearts and souls into the games....Kerry Meier, you are the ultimate football unselfishly have used your talent whereever needed to the betterment of the team!! Best of luck in the NFL!!

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Season over, seniors done

What a disappointment!! Still having trouble understanding how the season went so bad...a wonderfully talented team...great bunch of seniors...fantastic beginning....How and when did it go so wrong??
Was it the confrontation with the basketball team that started this? Was it the coach??? Was it Todd Reesing being injured and continuing to play?? Was it all of the above?????

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Meier mature, classy

Good Luck in the NFL, Kerry!!! You are a great football player and a fantastic human being! You deserved a much better year than this one has turned out to be!! You are a "bigger" person than lots of stayed with KU after being removed as QB and contributed so much wherever you were asked to play. I would love to see you take just one snap from center against Missouri..just for old times sake! Some people don't realize that it's not only the QB who makes the pass play but also the receiver!!
Thanks for being a "class act" I have enjoyed watching you play for KU and will follow you to the NFL

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Meier could be answer

Great article!!! I think you are right on!! Todd Reesing is selfish, selfish, selfish! If he is playing injured, he is a detriment to the team,an embarassment to the university and a disapppointment for the fans! The talent that KU has, this should have been a winning season and another bowl game year! The TV announcers have commented week after week about him being "out-of;sync" He can't pass longer than 10 yds. and once he gets sacked or something goes wrong, he freaks out and gets very frustrated! His comment "the quarterback job is not up for grabs" tells us how self consumed in himself he is!!! What an ego! He will leave the legacy of being the golden QB who because of his selfishness, cost KU a winning season, the Big 12 North title, possibly the Big 12 title, and a bowl game!! He deserves NO awards! Enough is Enough! How horrible for the senior class, started out great and finishing looking like crap!!!

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Mangino denies validity of former player allegations

Kerry's last name is spelled MEIER.
KU victory would be wonderful!! Hope Reesing is 100% ....healed from his injury!

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From bad to worse

What an appropiate picture!!! "From Bad to Worse" with Todd!!! Something has been wrong for weeks with him...the announcers have made comments on TV..If he is injured it is too bad he has continued to play when not 100%...

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Who is your favorite KU senior captain?

Kerry Meier, for sure!! He stayed with KU and unselfishly did what he could for the team!! Good Luck in the NFL, Kerry!! You deserve the best!!! I have enjoyed watching you play and am so disappointed your senior year turned into a disaster!!

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Which of the KU football team's losses was the most frustrating to watch?

K-State was tough loss...thought we might get back on track there!! All losses were bad after we started off so great!!! This should have been "The" year!!! What a disappointing end of the season! The talent was there! If someone is playing with an injury, they are being very selfish!! That person (#5) has cost KU the Big 12 North, a winning season, and a bowl game!!! I feel really bad for the seniors who really put their heart and soul into the games and unselfishly did what was necessary for the good of the KU team..yes, I am talking about Kerry Meier.

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