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Ottawa prep Semi Ojeleye picks Duke

Semi is a big K-State fan, but I think education and a really good program won out here. He's a good kid and a great player, but KU didn't need him. Unfortunately for KSU, they did.

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New kids on the block: WVU, TCU, Charlie Weis league newbies

It has nothing to do with a style guide. It's wrong. I guess it matters more to me that the University of Kansas be addressed in the appropriate manner than it does you. That causes me to believe the University of Kansas is more important to me than you. Futhermore, continuing to print something wrong causes me to believe that a particular organization (in this case LJW) really has no idea what it's doing.

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New kids on the block: WVU, TCU, Charlie Weis league newbies

It's not Kansas University! Does it bother anyone else that the LJW continues to write it the wrong way?

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Smooth sailing: Coaches’ familiarity eases transition

I'm sure LJW meant the University of Kansas and NOT Kansas University. Stop trying to change the school's name. What's next, the Hawkjays!

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It's showtime: Jayhawks seek revenge in tonight’s title game

It's the University of Kansas not Kansas University. And yes, they are going to win!!!

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Danny Manning hired as Tulsa's head coach

Brett Ballard is going with Manning to be an assistant at Tulsa. He spent two seasons at Baker University and took the Wildcats to the NAIA National Tourney for the first time since 1996. He'll be missed at Baker, but will have plenty of success I'm sure with Danny!

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K-State AD denies rift led to Martin's departure

Frank Martin was a good coach, but his personality on the court was sometimes too much. Off the court, he seemed like a really good guy, although he's likely about to face some issues with his open discussion about breaking NCAA rules.

As far as possible replacements go, Jankovich at Illinois State is a name that keeps popping up. He played there and had the Red Birds legit this season in the MVC. What about pulling an Iowa State and going for Mitch Richmond?

Hopefully people on here realize that what's good for KU is when K-State, and others in the Big 12, are good, too. Hopefully, Currie can find someone that's going to pick up where Frank left off.

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KU arrives in St. Louis focused on Wolfpack

It's not Kansas University. You can't change it LJW!

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Official: Charlie Weis to be named next KU football coach Friday

Great hire. Not just for Kansas, but for the Big 12 Conference. KU football, and the conference, just got better...

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K-State AD: BCS needs more consistency

Four of the top 10 teams were left out of BCS bowls. 4! Kansas State and Arkansas happen to be two of them, but Boise State and South Carolina also got screwed. A plus-1 system is at least a playoff. Maybe LSU and Alabama would end up in the national title game anyways, but at least they'd have to go through Oklahoma State and Stanford to get there!

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