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KU turns attention to stadium revamp

Is anyone else shocked that Aphersay wasn't the first to comment on this story?

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Self visiting top prep basketball recruits

I had a cup ceremony this morning. My choices were a Starbucks, a Seattle's Best, or my own KU insulated travel mug.

KU won!!! And was it some fine and dandy homemade coffee and a heck of a lot cheaper than that $9 stuff at the other places.

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Self excited, but realistic, about upcoming season

Gotta win atleast 20 and or the conf. turny to make it in to play those last 6 games of the NCAA tourny.

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ESPN ranks Calipari, Self 1-2

Cal dirty? Who knows.

Honest? Doubt it.

A little slimmey like the guy you bought your 1993 Honda civic hatchback from? Probably.

But if he can sell it and they buy it, and it's within the rules of recruiting, so be it. If this list was done by the Moral/Ethic police, the list would be rather short.

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Comeback kids: A look at the top rallies in the Bill Self era

Read the article, the whole article even the first couple of paragraphs and you will see.

Just sayin

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Comeback kids: A look at the top rallies in the Bill Self era

I can't claim coming back against any Rick Barnes coached team as great. He ca't coach his way out of a wet paper bag. Just look at the talent he hashad there and underacheived with it. We always make fun of Drew and Baylor for their failures in capatalizing on talent, but Barnes can't coach.

Take out those wins for KU. Barnes probably did more harm than good to his teams when they got those large leads instead of actually coaching them and finishing the game.

But I will take the wins over him any day no matter how they come.

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Big 12 media days blog: Jesse, Matt discuss Weis' 'pile of crap' controversy

Matt Tait getting a mention over at

Also like the all blue uni's with the red helmet, very sharp look. The all whites look like practice gear though. Go with blue pants or something, all white looks very Jr Highish.

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Report: Portland trades rookie Jeff Withey to New Orleans

I like the trade, the "Can's are trying to build a quality team and they have done that in the draft the past two years and in trades this year.

They are young but if they can keep them together and healthy they will be a force.

Just make sure they have a coach that can coach em and good things will happen.

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Report: Portland trades rookie Jeff Withey to New Orleans

Actually he could spell Ducan and think of what he could learn from him as well?

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KU basketball notebook: 2014 prospect Pope cuts list

And if those schools were listed correctly it would be in alphabetical order, unless the kid was quoted or listed them by the schools he liked. So the list would look like this:

Arizona, California, Gonzaga, Kansas, Oregon, San Diego State, UCLA, USC, and Washington.

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