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Jeff Withey shines, KU guards struggle against WKU

"One time, he chased down a loose ball at the other end of the court only to unnecessarily slide with both feet out of bounds before clumsily trying to call timeout."

I'd have to see the replay, but it looked to me that he tried to call timeout because he knew we was going out of bounds trying to catch up with a nearly impossible pass.

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Dunkin’ Detroit may fuel KU’s fire

In the first link, he was pretty blatantly over the back-- not sure why the foul wasn't called, but it will be if he does it in a tournament game.

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Baylor barely team to beat

"Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the planes, has shot .410 from long range and help opponents to .309."

Sweeping down the "planes?" Does this have some deep meaning I'm not getting, Tom?

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FINAL: No. 2 Kentucky pulls away in second half of 75-65 victory over KU

"I'm not a follower of UK BB, but I have to think that Adolph Rupp was/is rolling over in his grave at the UK athletic department selling its soul to the devil just to win BB games."

Rupp may be a hero in Kentucky (but not so much in his native Kansas) but his program was anything but squeaky clean.

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KU basketball tip: schedule Shockers

If we don't want mid-majors occasionally beating KU (and all the other heavyweights in the tournament) then they need to be excluded from it.

By definition, NCAA basketball is played by players who aren't quite kids, but not really mature adults, yet, either. They're going to have lapses that come with immaturity and inexperience, even among the elite teams.

Which means that they aren't going to win every game, even against teams with less talented players. And in this era of one-and-dones, mid-majors tend to have older, more experience players who are less susceptible to bouts of immaturity, inexperience and inconsistency, so we get the "parity" we see in this year's final four.

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10 observations from NCAA Tournament leading up to Final Four

Bottomline-- a single-elimation tournament doesn't determine which team is "best." It merely rewards the teams that get hot, or in the case of VCU-Kansas, the team that is lucky enough to catch a clearly superior team on a really horrible shooting night. If KU shot even marginally better, and not even up to their season's averages, they win that game.

But it would take the adoption of an NBA-style playoff to really determine the best team (and even that doesn't totally eliminate luck,) and I don't think anybody would want that.

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KU basketball tip: schedule Shockers

KU doesn't play home-and-home games with mid-majors for one reason-- money. KU sells out its home games, all of them, so they want more home games than away games, and giving mid-majors a guarantee of $70,000 to play one game in Lawrence rather than a home-and-home is the best way to fund one of the most expensive basketball programs in the country.

And playing Wichita State in a home-and-home series could create an image of equality in the minds of potential Kansas recruits, such as Reed, Morningstar, and coming up in about a year, Wichita native Ellis. So it's probably not gonna happen.

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FINAL: VCU stuns Kansas, 71-61, to advance to Final Four

Chill dude, you won. You should enjoy it.

But I doubt that you enjoy much of anything.

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FINAL: VCU stuns Kansas, 71-61, to advance to Final Four

VCU played pretty well, but it would be more accurate to say that almost anybody would have beat KU today because of their atrocious shooting.

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FINAL: VCU stuns Kansas, 71-61, to advance to Final Four

"I'm sure all those hippy liberal KU love-fest fans out there will say "thanks for a great season, bummer ending like that". Real, life-long KU fans no better."

Maybe that's because we have lives. Perhaps you should get one, too.

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