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KU football adds Florida cornerback Daniel Gray

And with a name with the chiefs mentioned in it I'm surprised you didn't list Brandon Flowers who is 5 foot 9, maybe?

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Special scamper: Beshears earns Big 12 (but not KU) special-teams honor

No kidding, hawkfan. I liked marty wall on the radio actually.. but he tries to be way too robotical on the mic as the pa announcer. Especially with our fan base it doesn't hurt to put a lot of enthusiasm into the voice and try to help get the fans going, especially on defensive 3rd downs.

Speaking of pa, why don't we do the same thing that most football stadiums do?
"And that's good for another Kansas Jayhawk..."

It's done almost everywhere, so it's not really a matter of not wanting to be original. Just another excuse to make noise instead of polite clapping after a first.
It could be worse, we could do dumb repetitive noises that sound like our mascot might make like MU and KSU do. Just terrible. We should think about doing that.

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At Kansas, as pads go on, expectations go up

In the way that Applebees is also a bar....

I think we will be ok here.

Rock Chalk!

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Razorbacks have ‘no interest’ in leaving SEC

Well actually as it stands now with 10 we would have to play OU and Texas every year as I understand it. So actually if we brought in two more it would go back to a 3 on/3 off type of schedule so we would be more likely to draw a favorable schedule where we might only play OU and not play Texas in a particular year. Who knows though. It all doesn't matter if we don't improve ourselves anyways.

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James McClinton joins Chicago’s AFL team

Except that McClinton was a defensive tackle... but... yeah..

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Game balls and Gassers

The OC and DCs definitely need some gassers. Warriner's playcalling has been horrifc over the losing streak.. We have hardly no vertical element to our passing attack.. maybe that's due to an injury to Todd, but then again he put that one on the money to Sharp. Then sure he dials up basically a hail mary on first down of that final drive, getting away from what had gotten us into the lead in the first place. The DC for not being able to effectively game plan against their 5 play offense. Seriously.. they run that stretch.. they play action off of it.. they run a toss.. they occassionaly throw in the option. NU sent corner blitzes and such, but we can't figure out how to pressure their QB when he ONLY ROLLS ONE WAY off of play action. I would have taken my chances and sent someone after him on that side on several occassions.. because that's all they could effing do! I'm tired of watching our coordinators let the other team dictate to us.. it needs to be the other way around. Especially when the other team is predictable enough for some kid like me to figure it out. Playing passively gets you beat.. and guess what? That's exactly what it has done.

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KU's Sharp likely a game-time decision against Southern Miss

eek. We weren't quite the same without him early on in the Duke game. Let's hope a full week of practice knowing he might not be a go will help out. This one is our toughest yet. No doubt about it.

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Colorado State stuns Buffaloes

If it was a home game I would agree with you sdoyel, I would have no worries.. but it's a road game. Our team needed a huge comeback to beat ISU last year, and I wouldn't say they were the class of the North either.

Don't overlook them.

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Youth movement

Well... Spikes did play RT most of the year Shazzy. Not as impressive as he was made out to be, but he definitely has the physical tools. Hopefully he made some strides in the offseason.

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Freeman goes to Bucs

Looks like he will be throwing plenty of pics in practice to Mr. Talib!

Way to go Tampa Bay, pretty much disqualified yourself from being a major contender for the next 5 years. Well, unless you decide to make him what he should be, a TE.

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