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'He's a stud': QB Carter Stanley and KU's offense regroup to beat Tech

It's absolutely mind boggling that people are still talking about David Beaty. smh

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Les Miles doesn't think KU's 4th down failures will make him less assertive

The OC either isn't looking at the opposing teams defense or he can't read a defense. Either one is troubling. There's no way you call 90% of his play calls without reading and understanding what the defense is giving you. Neither Indiana State or Coastal Carolina have what you would call good defenses. If our offense was going to do anything it would have been against them. I don't see the OC being here next year anyways. He was nothing more than a quick fix.

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Les Miles notes standouts from final full contact practice of preseason

I think 2-3 wins is a solid bet, but we'll see this team compete more and make a lot less mistakes. For once they'll actually look like a real football team. We've waited nearly a decade to see that again.

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Preseason ranking, title odds indicate Indiana State could be tough test for KU

Hopefully Les has the team ready to punch Indiana State in the mouth instead of trying to hold their hands like that other coach did with Nicholls.

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Report: MAC concept for football scholarship rule change mirrors idea pushed by KU's Jeff Long

I know a few blue-shirts were used for this year so I'm guessing around the 20-22 range?

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Jayhawks plan to utilize depth of offensive line this season

I prefer to find five dudes and stick with them throughout the season unless injuries of course. Not a fan of switching out OL mid series or mid game if there's no reason to. But Miles is the coach and if it works I won't complain. At this point it's all about winning.

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Les Miles hints KU offense could feature some old school elements

Kansas doesn't need to run the same offense as everyone else in the Big 12 to beat them. They just have to control and manage the game efficiently (as if that were easy right?). If they can do that, then maybe they can pull off some upsets. Either way I look forward to watching it unfold.

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Matt Tait: The optimist's outlook on the 2019 KU football team

Tait is very tame on his optimism. Can't say I blame him, though. It's been a rough decade.

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Jayhawks ready for 'anything' in first preseason camp under Les Miles

It'll be interesting to see how a real coach prepares a team for the season.

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