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Spurs coach Gregg Popovich staying put

Well Gregg, I'm glad the Spurs at least get someones juices flowing.... Most boring team in basketball 15 years running.

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Recurring Morris twins trouble especially disturbing

WOW. You guys are pathetic. You all adored this "horrible, pathetic, embarrassing, miserable, low life thug team" less than 24 hours ago. You thought they were awesome. You were so in love with the stories of adversity this team brought you. And the Morris twin were unstoppable super stars making KU a lock to win the Natty Championship.

Well guess what? They just lost the second game of the season against a team that loathe and hate the hawks. This was K-States National Championship. But what do you do? Cry, point fingers, and trash talk your own team. They play like Champs for 24 games and at the first sign of trouble you bail on them? Well, get over it. Because this team will get over it. What kind of fans are you?

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KU basketball spreads holiday cheer, shops for needy families

I love that they do this. But explain to me how shopping at Wal-Mart helps the local community? Shop down Mass or something... Hell, shop at Target! (I realize its not much better) Just please shop ANYWHERE other than the economy killing giant Wal-Mart!

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Special teams concern KU

Ohhhh.... Now it all makes sense! The reason we are the worst team in D1 football is because of special teams play. Why didn't I think of that? Hell, why didn't Gill think of that a long time ago? The important thing is we've now isolated and identified the reason the Jayhawks have been clobbered in every conference game and lost to a D2 school.

Ha, and to think I just thought the whole team was terrible! Problem solved. I can smell the Oranges now!

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KU-Iowa State game will not be televised

The coming years aren't going to get any better. What kind of kid wants to attend a D1 school to play football.... but not be aloud to have a cell phone or a girl? Thats 75% of college! Never thought I'd say it... But I would rather go to K-State. (On the bright side there is no chance of losing recruits to Missouri. They are lucky to even pick up a phone signal and there isn't a girl for miles worth looking at...)

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Breakout year? KU's Taylor hoping to be more consistent as a junior

It could be a good thing.... Its obvious there wont be anymore fights between the teams over who gets the girls. Well, at least once 10:00 hits...

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KU men's basketball second in preseason Big 12 coaches poll

Dude. Chill Out. Have you not read up on Ancient history or been to the movies lately??? We all know the world is ending in 2012 anyway.......

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What’s in a name?

Yeah, this story just reminds me again how annoying and frustrating it is to have no names on the Jerseys. I always made fun of K-State basketball when they didnt have names on theirs... it seems cheap and cheesy.

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Henry officially signs with Grizzlies

Not hatting.... Ive loved every Jayhawk since I was little. Idolized many such as Wayne and Kirk. That being said, of all the Jayhawks throughout the years, Xavier ranks my dead last least favorite. Kind of like your "X" girlfriend... You liked her but you realize you're better off without her.

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Jayhawk tour: NASCAR driver and Emporia native Bowyer visits KU facilities

I dont know what is worse: Living in Emporia where the locals get a huge b*ner over the cocky Emporian who probably hasn't even taken a deuce in the town for 10 years... (though I do know some girls he has hit on at the bars. None of the college girls know or even care who he is but he tries to play the celeb card anyways to no success)


having to skip over jaybates long, random, never ending BS comments when i want to browse through the posts. I think this dude must live in his mothers basement somewhere in Kentucky or something.

PS: In all fairness I attend ESU and not KU. I missed class this morning because my alarm didnt go off and Im having fun taking it out on a more fortunate person (less fortunate in Jaybates kentucky basement living scenario...)

Have a great day guys!

PS: NASCAR? Really?

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