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KU's Azubuike on fire as he enters uncharted territory

For me, it’s exciting that our team’s outcome is not as sure as it has been in the past. Udoka faces a great challenge, but then, so does Bamba. This year’s league race isn’t wide open, but there are legit contenders. Nice to know that the title still goes through Lawrence.

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Power forward Silvio De Sousa officially cleared to join the Jayhawks

It’s just great news. He’ll be in uniform next year too!

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$300 million Memorial Stadium project about much more than KU's shiny new digs

It's hard to believe that this isn't about eventually landing in either the PAC10 OR B1G10, right? Anyway, it's about as big as hiring Bill Self. It is hard to understate just how important this is.

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Mason, Jackson named Naismith Award semifinalists

Where's Monte Morris?

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Sixth-ranked Kansas volleyball knocks off No. 2 Texas in 5-set thriller

Are fans being turned away for lack of seating? If so, there's an obvious solution . . . .

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Bill Self, Brad Underwood renew longtime friendship as Big 12 coaching rivals

It's not there fault for being to critical. There just waiting for there chance too look smart.

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Are the Big 12 and its TV partners bumping heads over expansion?

I think it's fascinating, and I hope everything breaks for the best. From a totally selfish standpoint, I'd the the Big 12 to add all schools west of the Mississippi, and send WVU to the ACC. If we dropped WVU, we could add the following schools:

San Diego State
Boise State
New Mexico
Colorado State and

We would own a huge area that is gaining population.

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Are the Big 12 and its TV partners bumping heads over expansion?

Like it or not, without UT, the Big 12 would be unattractive to these networks. Likely, many B12 teams would be left out in the game of musical chairs. We would not be a great conference without UT, at least from a TV standpoint. And if you are counting national championships in the last 25 years, we don't have much to offer. I am a huge KU fan and like the Big12, but facts are facts.

The only way to get away from UT is to join the B1G, and if we should be lucky enough to be invited, we should join and never look back.

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Thon Maker to take official visit to KU


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Tom Keegan: NCAA changes make for prettier game

I'm with you, Bret. Basketball officiating is extremely difficult. Every person watching on television has a much better view of the game. The players get in the way of viewing, and it's not always possible to be in position even when you're a good referee. The problem is that players have become very strong, and the game was allowed to become physical. Now, out of the bag, that's hard to bring back without making people angry. On the one hand, if you call everything, the game is too disjointed. If you let things slide, it gets too rough. As it is, nobody is happy, but that's about the best it's every going to be.

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