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Pre-draft process could look unrecognizable for NBA prospects, such as Devon Dotson

All but Dok and Silvio have gone home.

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Board of Regents chair, student body president concerned by behavioral issues within KU men’s basketball program

The "evidence" of the past few years was dealt with and it's really hard for me to believe this isn't just as common in other schools. We are high profile and get the press. The other night was a chain of events that if each thing didn't didn't happen, there would have been no escalation. I can't hep questioning the length of suspension compared to several other incidents at other schools. He should at the very least be able to play for Senior night.

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NBA fines both Morris twins for separate incidents

How about mentioning them paying off WalMart layaway accounts at Christmas in their hometown?

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Kansas guard Malik Newman to enter NBA Draft

Good Luck, Malik - you were a joy to watch!!

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Udoka Azubuike says Final Four means more after home losses, low points

Bless his heart - I just love all these guys so much and see so much of the bonding that has probably helped them win when no one thought they could. Can't wait to leave for SA and just don't understand why jobs don't understand I have little desire to work!! Go make us proud in San Antonio!!!

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Kansas basketball's Senior Night about more than the guys giving the speeches

Fun article - thanks! And thanks to these guys for all their unrecognized hard work!!!

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Josh Jackson declares for NBA Draft

I know I certainly have enjoyed watching Josh play and was impressed with the energy and devotion he put into every game. Best of luck to you, Josh! I can't wait to watch you in the NBA!! Jayhawk forever!

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KU's Big Monday rematch with WVU more about revenge than league race

It's my understanding (from some time ago - so I could be wrong) the payout ($25,000) is the same home or away. Hugs did not ask for this, his agent did more as a joke than anything, which is why it goes to charity. I honestly don't think the money has any effect on motivation for either coach - revenge does.

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Josh Jackson learning from few run-ins with officials

I noticed an exchange with Higgins after he was called for a foul and held my breath until Higgins started laughing so perhaps he is learning!! Such an impressive young man!!

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KU football upsets Texas in overtime, wins first Big 12 game

So happy for those kids, Beaty and Clint!! RCJH!!

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