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NCAA response highlights 'egregious' conduct, 'defiant posture' in alleged violations by KU

Ticket prices were lowered because of empty seats. Why did the best team in the country have empty seats for the first time in 30 years? Was it price gouging? 60 inch TV's? Millenials? OAD's? Or maybe the stink of scandal?

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Quick recap: KU football suffers 51-14 road loss to TCU

It didn’t look like there were very many power five players on our side of the ball. Les has A LOT of recruiting to do. If you doubt it can it happen, Google Washington State’s first few years under Mike Leach... baby steps, baby steps!

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KU officials confirm they have received notice of NCAA violations; will 'fiercely dispute' charges

Umm...A booster helps you defeat your competitors:

Gassnola: “In my mind it’s KU, Bill Self. Everyone else fall into line, to (darn) bad, that’s what’s right for Adidas Basketball. And I know I am RIGHT. The more you win, have lottery pics. And you happy, That’s how it should work in my mind.”

Self responded: “That’s how ur (it) works. At unc and Duke”

Gassnola: “Kentucky as well”

Gassnola: “I promise you. I got this, I have never let you down Except (Dyondre) lol"

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KU officials confirm they have received notice of NCAA violations; will 'fiercely dispute' charges

Stop trying to figure it out... it's TOTALLY ARBITRARY!

The NCAA is a self-regulating network of institutions that oversees a loose set of guidelines. They usually punish "less important" members (directional schools) as a warning to important members (power 5 schools.) On rare occasions, the NCAA feels forced to investigate one of it's higher profile members.

The first thing to know is 90 percent of the members take risk with the rules! The remaining 10 percent are sanctimonious losers (K-State.) On occasion, the media, the FBI, the CIA, the IRS, WikiLeaks or Deadspin uncover blatant, reckless cheating. (I'm looking at you Curtis Townsend.*) At that point, the NCAA is forced to investigate a power 5 member. In these instances, lower tier Power 5 schools are punished and Elite Power 5 members (winners with HUGE fan bases) use their deep resources to hire an army of Harvard lawyers and usually avoid real punishment altogether (North Carolina.)

We're about to find out exactly where KU basketball sits on the food chain. Somewhere between Alabama football and Miami basketball!

(*) "Are you calling me on a cellular phone? I don't know you. Who is this? Don't come here, I'm hanging up the phone! Prank caller, prank caller!" - Lance, Pulp Fiction)

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4-star prep G Cassius Stanley chooses Duke

In the 14 seasons of the "one and done" era exactly 2 teams featuring multiple OAD's have won National Championships. In that same time frame North Carolina, Connecticut and Villanova have each won MULTIPLE TITLES by building their rosters the old fashioned way; recruiting well and developing the talent they got.

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Top-10 big man Matthew Hurt chooses Duke

The Shoe Co. fiasco has crushed KU but Duke, NC and Kentucky seem to have skated. Why? Adidas! We picked the wrong dance partner.

At the time, it seems like a good idea to be top dog at Adidas rather than just top five at Nike. In hindsight... what a disaster! Nike wouldn’t even take our phone calls at this point. It’s gonna take a Herculean effort in recruiting to fix this mess.

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Quentin Grimes says goodbye to Kansas, declares for 2019 NBA Draft

Look at the history of top 10 national recruits and you'll see that more than half of them fail to be major contributors. (We're not the only program that's had to deal with the Josh Selby's and Cliff Alexander's of the world.) The sad fact is this, the sooner they leave, the better it is for us.

If he plays his cards right, worst case scenario, Grimes makes a couple hundred grand playing basketball for a few years then goes back to school, gets a degree and gets a regular job like the rest of us schmucks.

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Sophomore guard K.J. Lawson leaving Kansas

This roster was weird to begin with: Grimes is a tweener, not quick enough to play point and can't shoot a lick as the two. Marcus Garrett is a defensive specialist who likes to shoot jumpers. Dedric is Perry Ellis, really smooth for a five who should be a four. Ochai probably just needs more experience. And, Devon is perfect for Bill Self's old "rotating three guards" system, he just needs two more guys!

Brannen Green, er, Quinton Grimes can go ahead and apply for his work visa in Belgium. Even if Dedric comes back, he's shouldn't be our "go to" guy. The real NBA talent he faces in March will always steal his lunch money. (See Perry Ellis.)

The key to next year will be keeping either Doke or Silvio. Alongside McCormack, we'd have two bad boys inside and Devon at the point. We'd have spots to fill at SG but it'd be a good start!

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Silvio De Sousa ruled ineligible through 2019-20 season

It was all right there but none of us wanted to see it!

The beginning of the massive money generating shoe endorsement industry, which has led to so much corruption in college basketball, started in the 1980s when Nike partnered with Michael Jordan. Less than a decade later in Kansas City, Nike paid convicted felon and crack dealer, Myron Piggie hundreds of thousands of dollars for access to his 76ers AAU team. Then, shortly after Bill Self and Lew Perkins arrived at KU, they entered their first contract with Adidas and began signing the top level recruits Roy Williams said he could never sign at KU. Players like Silvio DeSosa.

College basketball has gotten dirtier and dirtier over the years and while it’s hard to admit, KU has benefited from the corruption. But so has Duke, Kentucky, North Carolina and Villanova who will all be lucky to escape Nike and Under Armor's upcoming FBI cases.

If you’re sad that KU lost a chance to utilize DeSosa’s talent to chase another championship, that’s okay. If you feel DeSosa got cheated out of his opportunity to play in games, you’ve lost sight of the whole point of college athletics. DeSosa got free prep school, free college, elite basketball training, awesome housing and fun travel opportunities. He can choose to stay and eventually play or leave and start earning really good money playing basketball professionally.

The only ones really hurt in this mess are the fans who poured so much of their energy into a dishonest sport. I hope it gets cleaned up but my heart will never be in it like it used to be.

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