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Why Wisconsin might have just become the biggest threat to the future of Kansas football

Joey is absolutely right. As remarkable as it seems, KU football is fixed! If LL is drawn back home, our next search will include real candidates not has-beens, lunatics and wannabes!

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Kansas safety Johnquai Lewis is 8th football player to transfer in 5 days

Before the portal, college football teams carried 20-30 guys on scholarship that were locks to never see the field. These guys were just scholarship fillers. No-Star to 2-star “fliers” and 3-star washouts. Unfortunately, you couldn’t get rid of them. In those days, Alabama’s bench-warmers certainly could have helped Iowa, Iowa’s could have helped KU and KU’s could have helped Emporia. Now they can move where they’re needed.

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After latest lopsided KU football loss, it's time to forget progress and focus on the process

Back in middle school a friend of mine started a band. Though he’d only owned a guitar for a few months, he played lead and fronted the band. In a matter of months, they somehow got a gig at a local Sonic. The small crowd suffered through a song or two and quickly drifted away. My friends band never amounted to anything but at nearly the same time in Ireland, another high school band was playing their first brutal gigs. That band eventually became U2.
My point is this, Liepold’s band may produce some great albums someday but until then, I really don’t need to subject myself to Sonic gigs!! I’ll find something less painful to do on beautiful fall Saturdays!

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Big 12 invites BYU, UCF, Cincinnati and Houston to join

This is headed to two mega conferences. The Big10 is going to get paranoid and impatient. The invitation will go out to North Carolina and Clemson. At that point, the ACC will be on par with the Big12. The only domino left to fall will be USC.

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Realignment Today: Report pegs KU Chancellor Douglas Girod as part of Big 12's expansion committee

Boy, that calls for a fun Saturday afternoon roadie in Orlando followed by Big Monday in Idaho!

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Standing pat: Pac-12 decides it will not explore expansion

Go east: Cinci, Temple or Memphis or go west: BYU and Colorado State. Those schools are all the second biggest universities in their states and they all have large, passionate alumni populations. Most of the others are commuter schools with fifty-dollar endowments.

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Standing pat: Pac-12 decides it will not explore expansion

No, Big 12 needs to invite the top 2-4 gang schools and keep the others at a distance. No need to prop them up.

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Standing pat: Pac-12 decides it will not explore expansion

Okay, if the ACC and Big10 also stand pat, what’s better for KU: 1. move to Mountain West or AAC, continue dominating a conference in basketball and compete for championships in football or 2. Stay put in the Big 12 and add Cinci, Memphis, Houston, Temple or BYU?

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Texas, OU take first formal steps to leave Big 12; questions about future of KU's conference grow

So the Big 12 falls out of the power 4 which is bad for… what? A miserably uncompetitive football program? No! A prestigious basketball program? Hardly! 12 of the top 25 basketball teams in the final AP poll won’t be members of a power 4 conference in 2025 and Kansas, Baylor, Tech, Gonzaga, and Nova are all recent final four teams.

Maybe this is good for KU. Basketball will be fine and not facing a juggernaut schedule didn’t seem to hurt the nine non-power 4 football teams that finished in the top 25 last fall!

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AP source: Texas, Oklahoma talk to SEC about joining league

4 conferences with 16 teams each.
OU and Texas to SEC - done. W Virginia - ACC makes sense. So ACC needs 1, B1G needs 2 and PAC needs 4. Okie St and Iowa St to B1G, Leaving KU, KSU, Baylor, Tech and TCU fighting with BYU for 4 spots out west.

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