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Tom Keegan: Jayhawks finished as 3rd-best in nation

Anyone can say whatever they want to say, "the officials" " the calls" the play was terrible. Point blank! The better team is the team that plays when they have to play and KU did not play when they had to play! They looked like idiots that night and that is when it counted. A GOOD team plays through any obstacle whether it's officials or free throws or whatever, you play when it's time to play or you go home and listen to the whiny fans defend you and make excuses for you but you still- go- home. And that is POINT BLANK!

And one other thing while you whiny fans are reading. There is not a player on this team that is going anywhere in the NBA anytime soon. Selden has been waiting for the opportunity this year presented and he blew it and the rest couldn't even play starting team basketball on a college team so they sure aren't going to play with the big boys in the NBA.

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Freshman prank: Jayhawks trick novice Cheick Diallo

The real trick is the university not letting fans see the games on TV. Why does this make any sense?

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Freshman prank: Jayhawks trick novice Cheick Diallo

The trick is the university not letting fans see the games on TV.

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Freshman prank: Jayhawks trick novice Cheick Diallo

The trick is the way this university plays it's fans for idiots by not getting games on TV so they can be watched by all.

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Jayhawks win Maui Invitational

I guess I'll never get over how cheap the NCAA Championship trophy looks compared to most other trophies. Those of you who think we should keep quiet on how the team plays are wrong. If you think this win is so great you better go back and look at the end of that game. They would have gotten beat again if playing a team the caliper of their last loss. They have, for some reason, a way of not being able to finish games and they did not finish that game good at all. It is going to be a problem and will be a big problem later on if HCBS doesn't find a way to finish teams off. This has been a problem for some time now and it is very frustrating.

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Kansas men's basketball reveals nonconference schedule

Why do KU want to play them? Maybe so they can storm the court like K-State? They have no class, kind of like OSU.

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Bill Self: College game needs work

They need to figure out what a foul is and who initiated the foul. The shooter shooting and jumping into the defender has always been a bad call. There are several others but that is the worst in my opinion.

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Self: KU might ‘soften’ its schedule

Not really sure about the schedule, it was more the fact that he doesn't seem to get his players to actually play. I know they won the conference but a lot of those games were bad from the players stand point. Just hard to watch this year, always seemed to me like there was conflict on the team, and they never seemed like a jelled team.

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Jayhawks share blame after blowing 17-point lead to Iowa State

They don't need a "leader" they just need to play together. They seem to forget how to do that for awhile in every game this season.

You folks have a defeatist attitude. This is just one game that turned out bad. After playing three days in a row, which I'll never understand why it's that way in tournament play, a young team learned a valuable lesson that will help them for the future. The way these tournaments are set up only hurts the good teams because they go into the NCAA tournament tired, the Saturday finals is better but why not take a day off before the final game?

The way this played out could really be a benefit to a team that seems to make mistakes at the wrong time frequently. The fact that Ellis was hurt and the NCAA taking Cliff Alexander away without evidently having any good reason, has taken this teams identity away. Iowa State is a good team with some older players and KU fought them to the end so I think they have a chance to go a ways in the tournament. No team is going to beat an NBA team like Kentucky even when they have a bad game that is proven.

So enjoy the ride for as far as it takes you. Always remember they are just kids still and put yourself in their position and honestly answer how you would have done at that age in split second decisions.

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KU’s Ellis to miss Oklahoma game

The real question in that commercial is "one true champion"? How many times have there been co-champions? That is the part that makes no sense at all. A team can beat a team twice and they still have to be a co-champion? Get real.

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