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Kansas' Ochai Agbaji named NCAA Tournament's most outstanding player

Congrats Ochai, and much respect for acknowledging David- he was a beast last night and just as deserving (or more so) of the award! Remy was huge for us throughout the tourney and is my tourney MVP. This was obviously a team effort and everyone did their part. So proud of these guys! Rock Chalk

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Toughness Title: Stellar second half leads Kansas past North Carolina 72-69 for program's sixth national championship

Congratulations, boys and coaches! Feels so good and so proud of you!

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David McCormack's awakening propels Kansas over Miami after halftime

Great game from David. That ball should have touched his hands on nearly every possession that he as in there. Mitch did a nice job inside as well! Two more!

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Jayhawks withdraw from Big 12 tournament because of positive COVID-19 test

When it was announced that KU was given permission to add another game to the season, for some reason my first thought was potential COVID exposure. Not sure why, but that's where my mind went. So after today's announcement of someone testing positive on the team I did some research. Maybe my research was faulty but here's what I found...

1. KTSM Channel 9 announced on February 20 that the UTEP game with FAU was canceled due to positive case of COVID on the team. Game was scheduled for February 21 and 22.

2. KC Star announces on February 25 the addition of the UTEP game for March 4.

This case of COVID on the KU team could have come from anywhere and it may be totally unrelated, but if UTEP just canceled games with FAU that were to be played on Feb. 21/22 due to COVID, why would KU play UTEP two weeks later?

Like I said, maybe my quick online research was faulty. Can someone look into this?

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No. 14 Texas climbs back to defeat 17th-ranked Kansas, 75-72 in OT

They looked great for a stretch in the first half, but terrible execution down the stretch cost them this one. McCormack's 5th foul was horrible and Christian's foul late way past the arc was just as bad. Jalen, who I thought looked pretty good attacking the rim, losing the ball on the layup, oh, and the missed free throws!

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Game Day Breakdown - No. 3 Kansas at No. 14 West Virginia

I don't like it either but I gave in and did it. You can do the Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN+ bundle for $12.99 a month.

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Jeff Long: NCAA needed 'more information' from KU after initial Silvio De Sousa appeal

This Silvio situation has been going on forever. You'd think KU would have made sure that they provided the NCAA with absolutely everything they could possibly want to get this resolved quickly. Definitely not defending the NCAA here, but it seems like KU is blaming them for everything taking so long when we haven't been the most efficient on our end.

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Marcus Garrett ruled out for Saturday's game vs. Oklahoma State

Your comments are all starting to sound the same, kind of like Jay's. No, Marcus isn't a 3-point threat or consistent scorer, but you can't just look at his last two games. The four games before that he's 23 out of 37 shooting with 55 points (which I know is above his average). And how many times has he been posted up and dunked on easily? Just seems strange to not want him back when we're already thin.

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Jayhawks suffer 74-67 loss to Wildcats, snapping 8-game win streak in Sunflower Showdown

Those guys did bring energy, they always do! I always hope that it sparks the rest of the guys on the floor is what I was thinking.

Hey, thanks for your positive feedback, though. I'm really trying hard to not be a clueless fan but I'm not there yet. I'll try harder!

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Jayhawks suffer 74-67 loss to Wildcats, snapping 8-game win streak in Sunflower Showdown

Guess I was thinking of him driving to the basket, not his 3 point performance, but point well taken. Thanks for your positive feedback!

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