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Tom Keegan: Bragg suspension might equate to addition by subtraction

I think what you all are missing here is that Bragg's first so called suspension was nothing more than someone accusing him of something he did not do. Proved by video tape. Anyone can accuse someone of doing something they didnt do and then you have to prove them wrong. You should not be down on him because of the first incident is not his fault and it should not be held against him. Not sure what second suspension is all about but lets wait for Coach to tell us. Same with rape case no judgement or personal thoughts should be discussed until the facts are known. Been a fan for over 50years and will continue to support them come hell or high water. Rock Chalk Jhawks

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Roy Williams an ‘off-the-charts’ grandpa

Did anyone else notice that during the one shining moment last night that KU was only given one shot of Perry as the only reference to KU

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ISU coach Fred Hoiberg impressed by Elijah Johnson, says late no-call 'didn't go our way'

Watch the replay it looks like KU player is pushed on way to basket and Iowa St player stepped in and starting following back before charge so it could have been called either way and I agree something should have been called but the truth is Iowa St choked.......They had a 5 point lead with 45 secoinds to go and blew live with it Iowa St fans

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Darnell Jackson's letter to KU fans are such an inspiration not only to all Jhawk fans but to anyone whose life you have touched through basketball and everyday life......we all have problems in our lives but you have made me see that by being a good person, as you truly have been ,and not getting down and think why me,things can get better if you believe in yourself and trust in God.. I hope to someday meet you personally and shake your hand and say thank you for being the person you are and for also being a Jhawk.....May your life be filled with health,love , laughter and much happiness for not only you but your loved ones.......Take care and be well Darrnell

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Report: Chalmers, Arthur caught with marijuana at NBA camp

Get a life who are judging these two need to look in a mirror and ask yourselfs if you have ever done something you should not have done..... they are human like the rest of us.....nobody is perfect....hope they learn from this poor judgement and move on with their lives

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Keegan: Who pulls string for KU?

No one needs to tell these players they played terrible because if they don't know then we are in trouble. We are all just fans venting our fustrations and I'm sure they or the coach don't need our input. Saying that I believe that if the players and coaches don't get things straighten out at Iowa State and get a good quality win up there then the mind games might start setting in about how good or bad we really are. They just need to play basketball that's all and quit thinking so much.

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Well, well, look who's back

Let's all remember the games are won on the court.......if the players believe in themselves and play smart , aggressive and not listen or believe everything about how good they should be.... we should be in the final four......we have a great group of young men who have alot of potential if they listen to Coach Self and play jhawk basketball.....rock chalk jhawk

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Talk helps Jackson

just remember one thing Darnell all true jhawk fans have your back and we are proud you are a jhawk as we are proud of all the players on the team.....take care and be well

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Kansas basketball notebook

true jhawk fans show class...i agree we don't need to shout insults at other coaches or teams...huggins is a good coach he just made a mistake that he has to live with the rest of his life.......we all make mistake in life we regret so don't throw stones if you don't want them coming back to you .....go hawks

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Rock 'em, sock 'em

we are not where we are without Russell starting and playing with his determination and experience.....he gives this team so much energy by setting up plays....and collins coming off the bench to give him a breather is also a great let's get behind all the jhawks....they ALL played great last night.....hopefully they will take from this game and get better each week

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