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Report: Kansas' Bill Self, Kurtis Townsend avoid off-campus recruiting amid NCAA probe

As bad as issues are w/in the NCAA right now, with mass migration of schools chasing dollars, the ill-conceived thrust towards NIL, women's sports, the NCAA does itself no favors with pursuing this kind of investigation. Duke lacrosse team, anyone?

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Former Jayhawk Andrew Wiggins sensational in bringing Golden State within 1 win of NBA title

So I'll say it a different way. First, I always support former Jayhawks, but never felt that AW was invested in KU at all. Just a stepping stone for him, I just never got the feeling he really was pushing hard to win, and yes, in the tourney he was absent like it didn't really matter.

Nothing against him, but rooting for Boston.

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Kansas guard Christian Braun to keep his name in 2022 NBA draft

His stock is about as high as it will get. The fact that he is really well-rounded is what the NBA is looking for.

However, I'm shocked he's going for the NBA vice playing in Europe. After all, he's got the best Euro step...

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McCormack, Wilson to get going at NBA's G League Elite Camp today

With the spread between eligible draft spots & number declaring, a lot of these guys have to know they aren't going to get drafted, especially if they leave early. What's the thinking, "Hey, I'm never going to get any better so just going to declare?" I supposed here at KU we are spoiled, because we have a coach who takes average players and turns them into All-Americans, and that doesn't happen at a whole lot of schools.

Maybe it's more about getting invited to the combine, showing off your skills, and playing outside the country. D-Mac would be a sure pick if he were reliable beyond 6-8 feet. J-Wil I think might have a better chance, multi-dimensional, though his 3-pt shooting as of late may hurt him a bit.

Either way, I think both of these guys are gone, and probably should stay gone in that coming of a natl championship team, their stock is riding as high as it will get.

But what do I know, I make one out of 10 free throws on a good day.

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Kansas All-American Ochai Agbaji officially declares for 2022 NBA draft in Sunday social media announcement

With his jump shot and drive, he's perfect for the NBA. He's going to do really well.

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Examining the comings & goings with Kansas basketball & football during transfer portal season

I really feel like the widening and facilitation of the transfer portal along with NIL is going to continue to concentrate more power in the hands of fewer schools. NIL if it's going to be a success needs to be on par at EVERY Div I school. I'm not a socialist, but college hoops needs competition among many to be successful. It's not the free market for a reason.

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Kansas baseball celebrates Negro Leagues, defeats Texas Southern in Buck O'Neil Classic

Don't get the black suits reference...Was that how they dressed showing up to a game in the Negro leagues?

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'The 2022 Miracle' - National champion Jayhawks rode balance, team-first mentality to NCAA title

This year, the stuff that happens to KU seemed to happen to most everyone else. But KU never lost a game it should not have lost. Every other 1 seed was upset. Some 2 seeds were badly upset also. KU did what it was supposed to. Experience won the day.

Yeah, I don't like the 'miracle' moniker either. I'll twist together a couple of suggestions above and call out the 'Komeback Kids'. Or "Welcome Back Kids".

Or even better, let's call them "Welcome Back Kotter." Be back in a bit...have to take my meds.

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Kansas basketball forward David McCormack declares for 2022 NBA Draft

I don't see him coming back, in his case, I don't know that his stock would be any higher next year. W/o a long-range jump shot, NBA prospects are definitely limited, though he could easily be a bench player to come in and perform inside. Or, get out of here D-Mac & go see the world, he'd definitely star overseas.

Just keep that foot healthy big fella!

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