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Short window: Delayed juco corner Kevin Short arrives, must catch up fast

Re Pearce: Homesickness is a bitch, especially when Cali is home...

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Mario Chalmers reflects as KU jersey retirement nears

Best: Either 155 v Kentucky in 1989 (just a kid, then, right next to the student section "GIVE ME SOME SKIN" as he high-fived our way to that epic rout) or Collison's 20/20 game with the Dickie V ovation.

Worst: Missouri beat us during Hinrich/Collison/Gooden's freshman year. Right? I know I was there, can remember Gooden dunking all over them, but I feel like we lost that one. The good news I guess is that of all the games I've seen at the Phog (mostly late 80s, early 90s growing up in Lawrence), I don't think I can actually recall any losses!

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Tyshawn Taylor named Cousy Award finalist

Hinrich's conference season his junior year is the only thing I can compare it to....

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Why Kansas is winning the conference realignment game

Really interesting Jason King piece from yesterday:

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Coveting the Comet: Texas A&M RB Gray’s all-time favorite? KU’s Sayers

Hard to argue with Cyrus after watching that s**t. I didn't realize how big Sayers was; he's got that "man among boys quality" in spades. The stop-start and change of direction is totally on par with present day. Circa 1965, take a look at some NBA clips; Cousy still dribbling with one hand, Elgin pretty much with just a pullup, Wilt firing an obscene amount of can see the origins of great ball in those players, but Gale Sayers could absolutely have played in the NFL today with the skills I saw on that clip. Don't think we could say that about any NBA starts from the same period. Speaks to the fact that some form of the NFL was around more than twice as long as pro ball, too, giving football a leg up from an evolutionary standpoint, but WOW, Cyrus is totally on point when he says Sayers is fun to watch even now.

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KU basketball's Conner Teahan gearing up for senior season

+1; an longtime buddy is getting married in Columbia soon and I have agreed to be in the party. Does this mean I will have to spend the night in a Columbia motel? I think a reverse Norm Stewart is in order here......

But Jaybate, to your point above, I would point to a Bill Simmons theory he offered earlier today: that LBJ was different after that game 3 rant Wade pulled when he yelled at the King for about 8 seconds straight on national TV. That's about the time LBJ started to fail in 4th quarters. Maybe Wade was trying to be the alpha, and LBJ just didn't know how to take criticism because....he's an entitled child star more akin to Michael Jackson than Michael Jordan or even Wade, players who struggled through adversity early in their careers (the famous cut from the HS varsity story for Jordan, academic non qualifier status for Wade at Marquette) to become champions. Wade's performances throughout the series (with the notable exception of the early celebration after his 3 from the corner in game 2 that infuriated the Mavs and spawned the comeback) were worthy of an alpha. Even an alpha can have one off game after 10 plus performances (and maybe the hip pointer was more of a problem than he let on), because no one will be Jordan and dominate EVERY SINGLE TIME. What the finals have shown is that LBJ is a second banana who is obtuse enough to believe he's a first banana, and as such doesn't respond to motivational tactics, even from the resident top banana. After all, who did Michael Jackson ever listen to? But I'm not sure they showed Wade can't be an alpha.

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Kansas freshman Josh Selby focused on team goals during recent struggles

Wright may be fairly labeled a bust, and it's too early to tell about Cole, although I agree early returns are not encouraging. As for Henry, he's a part of Memphis' rotation as a rookie, and Shady, well....

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Judge plans to sentence former KU athletic department employees Brandon Simmons, Jason Jeffries to two years of probation

I just can't get the vitriol on this board about Simmons and Jefferies. They cooperated fully with the State. They didn't initiate the scam. What do you think would have happened to their careers in athletics if they had blown the whistle on Lew or whoever was the real big fish (Kirtland?)? Once they were implicated, they gave the feds information in exchange for a deal (which the DA foolishly tried to go back on). The feds wouldn't have agreed to the deal if they didn't receive adequate consideration for making it. Simmons and Jefferies deserve the benefit of their bargain, and need to get probation accordingly. It has nothing to do with second chances or the severity of the offense. It has to do with the feds' agreement to keep them out of prison in exchange for their testimony against the co defendants. This is the way justice works in this country. Doesn't make it wrong or that these guys are getting off easy. Permanent public humiliation, sizable restitution orders, and supervised federal probation with a stiff underlying sentence in fed prison if probation is violated is no joke.

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Judge plans to sentence former KU athletic department employees Brandon Simmons, Jason Jeffries to two years of probation

+1. What an unethical d-bag. At least the judge took it upon himself to enter the "tentative" ruling presumably requested by the defendants' lawyers to back off that ridiculous prosecutor. Our system would totally stall if prosecutors were able to renege on plea agreements because the co-defs didn't go to trial. That is a F***ING outrage!!!!

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