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Bonnie Henrickson out as KU women's basketball coach

My vote is Jenny Huth from UCLA. Assistant coach with the number 1 recruiting class last year, played at Colorado, family around the Lawrence area.

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Coaching search: Ohio State co-offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Ed Warinner

Ask K-State how that worked years ago with Lon Kruger. You get the best coach you can and Warriner IMHO is a better choice. Bring Beaty back in some capacity and Bowen as DC. Keep almost all of the staff. I think it would work.

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Conner Frankamp decides to transfer from KU basketball team

I don't see this as a strange time. I wish Conor well and hope he finds a place where he can be a big contributor. He needs to go to a school IMHO that plays a methodical style of basketball and allows him to play zone. He is an excellent shooter (not so much in spot play, but he can shoot), but is a defensive liability in a man to man scheme.

I can't say that I'm surprised to see Frankamp go after hearing Self's positive comments about Graham. Conor came in to compete and saw the handwriting on the wall as far as playing time. I think a Missouri Valley school would be a great fit, unless he prefers playing at a Nebraska or Texas Tech close to home. He will help someone down the road, much like Jeff Withey.

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Column: Naadir Tharpe jolly good chap

If this is an attempt at humor, it is an epic failure. Tharpe didn't always play well, but he gave of himself for the basketball program. Save this kind of sarcasm for a pro athlete, not a college kid. You are either claiming Naadir Tharpe isn't intelligent enough to use certain verbiage or that the Athletic Department issuing a canned statement is somehow inappropriate.

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Study: Eight teams fail to meet standard; KU perfect

This was always the classic debate about Prop 48 and partial qualifiers. Public schools with high admission rates are at a distinct disadvantage as their schools are designed to flunk out a percentage of students. I believe it was Hayden Fry at Iowa that complained about Lou Holtz at Notre Dame. How was it that his daughter couldn't get in to Notre Dame because of the strict academics, but a partial qualifier could? It is also next to impossible to flunk out of these private schools unless you just don't do the work. If you notice the schools in trouble, they are almost always public universities.

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Weis’ ways evident as Jayhawks emerge for spring football

Weis is a normal football coach. Gill and his staff were a disaster; Mangino had major anger problems and was petty sometimes with kids. Talk to girls on the softball team, boys on the swim team, etc. If you are getting a full ride in sports you need to work. You need to be in class, lifting weights, working out, etc. Our football team was a disgrace not because they lost, but because they were lazy and undisciplined across the board. I'm rooting for Weis to succeed on the field, but we have already won a major victory by instilling some sort of work ethic.

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