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Howard happy to welcome Newman

Just for the record, don't take any comments personal that fall into the smartass range. No malicious intent. Poor taste possibly but I try not to let things get personal.

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Howard happy to welcome Newman

If he left MSU thinking he would get drafted - he could have neglected his spring glasses but since he returned I'm inclined to think it;s BS. Worst case scenario is that he has a year to get his grades in order.

PS: I really was just being a smart ass before. No malicious intent. Jay can speak for himself but his quick wit are often the highlight of some of these articles.

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Extra incentive: Wayne Selden Jr. helps KU win battle of blue bloods

Selden should do what Buddy Hield did and stick around another year.

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Vick another high-flying KU freshman

Harvard has a top 35 recruiting class.. Maybe if we beat them bad enough, we can steal some recruits AND keep our scholarships.

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Brannen Greene suspended, won't travel to Maui

Thus begins the the beginning of the end.

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Pair of preps plan to attend Late Night

This is bullhorn censorship by hack writers.

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Pair of preps plan to attend Late Night

And of course, there are those who use phony names to fight their battles I thought you made a great post Chris.

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Jayhawks’ Mason turning heads

What a thoughtful post. Hard to believe that with an excellent incoming recruiting class and with experienced talent already here the LJW doesn't write more negative articles about the team and the upcoming season. All of these positive articles and posts are nothing but deluded dreams. Time to rip off the rose colored glasses.

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Kevin Young Halifax favorite

I never thought Young got the credit he deserved. The kid from Loyola was instant energy.

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KU target Newman says he’ll announce on Friday

Strike THREE!

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