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Breakdown: Crazy? Yes. But KU fake punt 'definitely had a chance' if blocked correctly

I do this kind of thing on Madden. It doesn't work in the real world.

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KU to look into 'ways to improve' procedures for Late Night

"We wouldn't have to be talking about this if that behavior hadn't manifested itself. But we also have to look at how we conduct the event and make judgments going forward," Marchiony said.
Wow. Still blaming fans.

There was no security and no effort made on the part of KU Athletics - given they certainly had a role in hyping this event (rightfully) -- why did they not expect to need additional security outside the building? There was NO ONE.

Had they simply had 3-4 people standing in front of the doors OUTSIDE, etc. from 5 - 530 this could have been prevented. A few rope lines keeping people in line? Simple stuff, but they seemed to be asleep at the switch this year.

1) Block off the first 15 feet or so in front of the doors with tables/personnel so the gate is actually outside - no one can rush doors.

2) Station a person outside the South and North handicapped / special ticket entrances to make sure that gateway is not mauled by fans.

3) Send KU relations people out into the crowds with freebies/give-aways for fans, keep people entertained/happy while in line.

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Line-cutting, mobbing has KU Athletics reviewing Late Night admittance protocol


Access to AFH? What about fan safety?

We're lucky no one was hurt - there was NO ONE protecting the handicapped entrance, no one outside managing the lines. How hard would it have been to hand out tickets at 4pm to those waiting in line and then set up a "no ticket": entrance for those who did not wait all day?

Blaming the fans is utterly classless.

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ESPN: Bill Self top coach for NBA

Self has said in several interviews that he's not one of those guys who will be coaching at 70 - he intends to retire so he can enjoy life -

I could see him getting to year 15 -- Tyler will have come completely through the program by then - he matched Roy's Year total - beats his win total - there's really no one else to beat other than Owens year total and Allen's win total - which probably isn't within reach.

So I could see at that point he'd test things out in OKC or SAntonio for 4-5 years.

That would also be perfect timing to bring Danny back as HC, assuming all goes well in Tulsa.

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KU football adds home-and-home series with Houston for 2019-20

Probably unnecessary as we'll be in Conf USA with them by then.

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No problem: Weis not worried about QB play

We may have one of the better Defenses in the B12 - because B12 teams don't play D -

so we may surprise a few teams (like Texas) and give ourselves a chance to win.

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KU-Rice telecast available locally … at bars

So the tables are turned.

Those of us with U-Verse can see a game that Time-Warner/WOW people can't.

THIS DEAL IS RIDICULOUS. If you want to argue with me that limiting viewing of KU events to these different cable packages generates more money and audience for KU events, I'd like to see the numbers of paper.

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Concrete work begins on Rock Chalk Park rec center; city hopes Bill Self event will open center next year

I don't understand the utility of building this in far west Lawrence in wealthy neighborhood, when many of the kids who would benefit by being able to walk in live miles from there and don't have transportation.

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Kansas AD gets new, longer contract

I'm OK with this - he should make what other B12 Athletic Directors make. If Weis turns it around and we win 8 games in a couple years, he absolutely deserves his money. And think about the crooked, horrible situation he inherited.

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