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Kansas forward Jalen Wilson withdraws from NBA draft, will return to KU for 2022-23 season

My way-to-early starting five:

First off the bench:

But I like most any combo, Freshman are almost always a crapshoot on how fast they adjust, but it's an exciting team! #rockchalk #runitback

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'Something has to change': No. 9 Kansas drops third consecutive game after 75-68 road loss to Oklahoma

The only flaw in that is that Harris has zero offensive game right now. Dude never shoots and isn't a threat to score at all. At least w/Garrett in, you have the hope that he can score some. I feel like the problem has just been inconsistency. Braun was a disaster Saturday, both on O & D. He was great the game before. Wilson has been up & down, as has McCormack, who was great for 3 games in a row. Agbaji? Where the heck was he? All really good players but it's tough for them to string really good games back to back to back. It's baffling.

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Andrew Parchment will play extra senior year elsewhere

Dang. Without saying it, they're saying a lot about this team, staff and leadership. I hate to see it, can't say I blame them. Team regression is a tough thing.

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Tyon Grant-Foster helps No. 7 Kansas survive scare from North Dakota State in 65-61 win

The boys will be fine. I think this one might have been a little tough to get up for to them, plus, they looked tired. They've had two road trips and Creighton will be their 6th game in 13 days with 3 of those ranked top 20 and two top 10. That's just nuts.UK and NDSU were ugly wins, but you gotta have and win some of those every season. Rock Chalk!

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Quick recap: No. 6 Kansas surrenders 102 points in loss to No. 1 Gonzaga in season opener

It had Covid and wasn't allowed to play! :-)

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Initial rankings underscore difficulty of KU's 2020-21 hoops schedule

Holy Hoops that's as tough a schedule as I can remember! 5 in the top 10 from the B12, plus ranked OU & OSU is crazy! #rockchalk

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Senior forward Silvio De Sousa leaving Kansas basketball program

So, isn't Opting Out and Leaving the Program two different scenarios? I thought opting out (which I thought was the only opt-out language being due to covid), one would stay as kind of a member of the team, not practicing/playing obviously, and back next year. But this sounds like he's gone-gone, leaving the program. May be semantics, as it seems he'll never wear the uni again, but it's a shame KU invested so much time/energy/money in defending him that it goes down like this. Best of luck to SDS regardless.

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Matt Tait: College football's back, but it sure looks and feels different

Thankfully, no fans were harmed in person for having to sit through that debacle. At least I could turn the channel to an old SNL rerun with JLo, Still painful to watch, but less emotionally involved. And now, I'm not even emotionally involved in KU football. #firejefflong

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Where Wilt ranks: Sorting out former Jayhawk Wilt Chamberlain's place among the game's all-time greats

And he NEVER fouled out of any game in his entire career. I'd never heard of the '61/'62 season stat of him never subbing out and playing every single game. That's just incredible and really unheard of for a player today when players 'rest' themselves. He's def in my top 3, but those 6 players are all amazing.

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KU reaches $2.55 million settlement with former football coach David Beaty

Jeff Long is a self-serving tool that's made KU Athletics worse since his hiring.

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