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Former KU basketball player Silvio De Sousa facing charge of aggravated battery, court records show

To add a couple edits to your summary of the story: I would say the KSU player started it by stealing the ball when Silvio was just trying to dribble out the clock. Also, I watched the replay several times, and Silvio dropped the chair almost as soon as he picked it up, before the coach put his hand on him. You could tell he just realized immediately on his own he had made a bad decision.

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Senior forward Silvio De Sousa leaving Kansas basketball program

I keep thinking how if he had just walked away after the block, we would all have remembered it as one of the greatest blocks in program history. Instead we only remember the brawl.

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Markieff Morris helps Lakers go up 2-0 in NBA Finals

He was also +10, in a game his team lost by 11.

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Where Wilt ranks: Sorting out former Jayhawk Wilt Chamberlain's place among the game's all-time greats

Kobe Bryant is a bit overrated. His shooting percentages are really not that great (sub 45% FG and sub 33% 3FG for his career). He just looked good while doing it and had athletic dunks.

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Kansas coach Bill Self calls Udoka Azubuike 'questionable' for Senior Night

Agree. Give him the rest and let De Sousa get some reps in at TTU and the B12 tourney so that he's ready to contribute in the NCAA tourney, if needed.

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Kansas coach Bill Self makes the case for 6 Big 12 teams in this year's NCAA Tournament

Top 68 is not "tournament worthy". You have to look at approximately how many at-large bids will be available, which is usually about 50 because you have the bottom 15-17 seeds taken by auto-bids from crappy conferences. Their best teams are sub-68, meaning that you have to be top 50 to be considered for an at-large bid. That's why Oklahoma is squarely on the bubble at 49.

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The case for Kansas center Udoka Azubuike as national player of the year is building with teammates and opponents alike

We got swept by OSU last year, but then we beat them in the B12 tourney:;

Edit: Wait a minute, that was two years ago (stupid google)...

Edit2: Yeah, we swept OSU last year. Not sure what Boynton is talking about:;

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KU forward Silvio De Sousa suspended indefinitely

I am relaxed. That's the point. I'm not stressed about winning the B12. It's kind of a blessing really for the streak to be over. I would rather our team focus on winning national championships rather than conference titles. Obviously preparing to win a national championship means playing hard every game, but it also means focusing on player development rather than just giving all the minutes to already developed players for best chance at winning that one game.

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KU forward Silvio De Sousa suspended indefinitely

Baylor has already won at KU and TTU. I'm not really keeping my hopes up that we can catch them in the B12 race. They're the only team to soundly beat us this year. Right now I hope the team is just focused on improving as much as possible before the NCAA tourney, rather than doing everything to catch up to Baylor, which could come at the cost of player development (as has happened in many times in the past).

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