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Not yet withdrawn from the NBA draft, Texas Tech transfer Kevin McCullar Jr. commits to play for Kansas if he returns to school

I don't get the hype around this guy. He's a 40/30 shooter and hasn't looked good at all at the g league games.

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Despite the presence of a trophy, all that gear & Sunday's parade, many Kansas basketball fans still in disbelief that their team finished on top

I felt the same as @westcoasthawkKU. It was a weird feeling to have a team that I didn't feel like was a title contender for much of the season, go all the way.

In 2008, I believed in that team from day 1 all the way until the end. They had very few weaknesses as a team and showed it with full season domination (only 3 losses and all occurred during a mid-conference play slump in February).

The 2022 team did start out strong (except that bad loss to Dayton) but we sure were inconsistent throughout conference season including right up to the end where we almost lost three straight games. We put everything together and won 11 in a row to finish, but even during that run we had Ochai in a slump and DMac and Wilson regularly made plays that made you want to throw objects at your TV.

The team just never felt quite all the way there, until the second half of the Miami game, and the whole Nova game, but then we were bad again first half of the title game. Boy what an amazing comeback in the 2nd half though. I'll never forget this game, just amazing 2nd half play to take back control of the game and win the game. As Fran Fraschilla would say, this team had championship DNA.

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Teammates call trio of Kansas freshmen 'perfect' in season-opening win over Michigan State in NYC

Also, not mentioned in the article: zero turnovers combined for the three freshman.

Ochai and Dajuan also had zero turnovers.

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Big 12 invites BYU, UCF, Cincinnati and Houston to join


As a KU fan living in Utah, can't wait to go see the Jayhawks play in the Marriot center!!!!

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Kansas basketball alum Marcus Garrett off to a fantastic start at NBA Summer League

My gosh, look at the face Dok is making while dunking that ball. He looks like one of those angry tiki masks. Absolutely nasty!

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NBA Summer Leagues full of former Jayhawks trying to land roster spots

There is a White Jazz team and a Blue Jazz team for the SLC summer league. Udoka is on white and Newman is on Blue, so they're not going to be on the same team. It was also reported that Jared Butler won't be participating in summer league.

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Trying to make sense of why ESPN might meddle in this conference mess in the first place

You also forgot to mention that ESPN stands to save $1B in the current contract if one more team from the B12 folds and asks out of the media contract for the conference. That, along with not having to pay the annual $20M per year per team present a major conflict of interest for ESPN reporting on conference re-alignment, or doing anything behind the scenes, as is alleged.

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15 years later, former KU shooting guard Keith Langford joins list of Jayhawk graduates

Man I loved Keith. He always did good things when he had the ball in his hands.

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Georgia transfer Sahvir Wheeler picks Kentucky

Congrats to UK on picking up a 5'8" guard who shot FG/3P 39.9/22.5% last season.

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Breaking down the 2021-22 Kansas basketball roster as things stand today

I'm not too concerned about replacing Wilson's rebounding. I think Martin, Clemence or Adams could easily replace that, and possibly add some consistent offence that Wilson was lacking.

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