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An early list of possible Ritch Price replacements for Kansas baseball

No idea if he is interested but Rob Thomson should be the top of the list.

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Agbaji's lob, Lightfoot's spark help No. 6 Kansas cruise past TCU, into Big 12 title game

no I said we cant win when ochai shoots 4-17..

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Self: 'Major minutes' for Remy Martin at Big 12 tourney would be nice, but only if he's worthy

Why can't everyone move on from Remy. It is clear he is not a good fit for this team. The reasoning is irrelevant.

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TCU bullies No. 6 Kansas, 74-64, dropping Jayhawks into 2nd place in Big 12 race

Ochai was 4-17 missing many open shots. KU does not win if he is shooting 4-17. It's that simple.

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Big 12 announces make-up date for KU-TCU, setting up back-to-back games between Jayhawks and Horned Frogs

Love the concept of ESPN + and do not mind paying the monthly. The biggest issue is the streaming quality and we get the bottom of the barrel announcers and they are calling the games from basically their basement. I realize Covid has had an effect but I see that being the wave of the future many games..

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Jayhawks still waiting for reserve guard Joe Yesufu to break out

Dirk and Matt:
Great discussion but the only problem is with limited playing time it is very hard for some of these guys to hit their stride. Some players are comfortable coming off the bench in limited minutes and some aren't.. With regards to Joe he looks like he is trying to do way more to show coach what he can do and just seems to be rushing his game. My guess is if he was playing 20-25 minutes a game you would see a different guy.

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KU Chancellor Girod believes KU is on good footing following recent Big 12 expansion

Baylor is extremely religious. Almost as must as BYU. .. FACT.

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Realignment Today: Why KU remaining patient (for now) is the right move as the ACC, Big Ten, Pac-12 formally announce new alliance

the other conferences do not want to divy up money from a a once in awhile 500 football team that has no national or big market draw. That is the quagmire we are in. The ironic thing is for us to improve we have to spend money and for us to spend money we have to be in a power conference..

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Realignment Today: Why KU remaining patient (for now) is the right move as the ACC, Big Ten, Pac-12 formally announce new alliance

I think there is a discussion at the senior level about what KU football wants to be. KU is never going to compete for a national championship and the money for us is in Basketball.. I think the administration is looking in the mirror and realizing Mid-Major Status in football and remaining a basketball power may be where the cards lie. Hence Joining up with the AAC could be where we go. The only other thing i can see is the alliance wants to see if Leipold can make us respectable in the next two years. And then we get a call.

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Trying to make sense of why ESPN might meddle in this conference mess in the first place

If I am KU I am not putting any faith in Bowlsby. The Big 12 is done whether it is next year or in three years. Our basketball brand is worth more than half the Big 10 football brands (and Pac 10 and ACC). None of the other remaining members do not have anything of value. We are in a good position to be a strong free agent. If we wait for Bowlsby to go to court we could be in a weaker position.

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