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There's a $1.5M difference between average head coaching salaries for men's, women's teams at KU, report shows

What Joe said... over and over and over and over again. Hack “journalist” with an agenda. That’s what “journalism” and “media” have become.

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KU won’t release report it cites as evidence against NCAA allegations

“Journalist”. “Media”. That is all.

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'4.2 is definitely noticeable': Jayhawks raving about returner Jamahl Horne's speed

Hate to inform the keyboard warriors but 4.28 / 40 is fast.... and is considered a 4.2 not a 4.3....4.3 starts at 4.3... this is sports not physics or math .... sprinters, football players, anyone who has brain will refer to it the same way... and this was done at the end of a conditioning session.

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'This is where I want to be': Clint Bowen provides continuity for KU football

The ghost of fat a$$ tom Keegan and his really intelligent minions coming back out from under rocks. Coach Bowen is a Jayhawk. Good Coach. Wants to be at KU. I’d take a 100 more people just like him to join the ranks of KU. Naysayers never played sport at a high level but somehow know more then experts.

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Jayhawks confident RPO plays will be effective with their personnel

Remember when fat a$$, delinquent and love spurned Tom Keegan convinced his little minions that coach secrecy was not typical and a sign of weakness?

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KU administrator Larry Keating retiring after 5 decades in intercollegiate athletics

Well Done and Well Earned Mr. Keating!

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Open KU football practice provides hints of what depth chart could look like

Where is Petty Tom Keegan and his idiot minions complaining about disclosure of depth chart and no other head coach would keep information private?

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KU claims it has $1.5 million in new Adidas money, but when asked to point to it on financial statements, it won't

This article is a Tom Keegan special. His minions will love this kind of “journalism”. Rinse. Repeat.

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KU football DBs coach Chevis Jackson signed 3-year term sheet

Facts don’t matter to [some] “phans”

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Matt Tait: History of developing NFL talent an added bonus of Les Miles hire

If you look at the last several Super Bowl Games, you will see more than one example I believe in which there was not a single 5 start recruit that played in the Super Bowl game. This is not uncommon. We shouldn’t care so much about the number of stars for a particular recruit but rather their desire, raw skill and heart.

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