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James Donnell jdonne44


James Donnell 12 years, 8 months ago

I have seen this over and over with teams in the tournament over the years, especially KU: the "complexion" of the game is not good for whatever reason, e.g., the opponent has closed off the lane for Sherron, we're not hitting, or they are exploiting something else that isn't working. As a fan, you just have a feeling that it is going to end badly. Who didn't feel that way early in the game against Bucknell, against Bradley, and now, against NI? As they say about insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. It seems to me, that in these situations, the coach needs to shake things up somehow, whether with a press, an occasional zone or triangle and two, or whatever. You need something to knock the opponent off stride and something to energize our guys and ignite the fans. The tournament is clearly a different animal than the regular season. It can't be "business as usual." That is a setup for the other team to be "on" and for our guys to have an off night. When you have the superior athletes, it seems like this should never happen. You have to play to your strengths.

Having said all this, I think Coach Self is a fabulous coach. He is a phenomenal recruiter and just a class act. I can't think of another coach I would rather have at KU.

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