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Monday Rewind: South Dakota

The third play of the game, incomplete pass to Mundine, was the best thrown ball by a Kansas QB in 3-4 years. There is hope.

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A fresh start: Kansas WR Justin McCay eager to hit field

Last year would have been a waste for him with no one to get him the ball

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Teammates sing QB Jake Heaps’ praises

Key to season will be quick, short and accurate passes to compliment the running game. We do not need long developing deep pass plays. Accuracy is the key. Our offensive line will be OK for this.

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D-line coach: KU newcomer Bolton rusty, but star talent

This team does have a few solid freshmen and sophomores. The recruits for next year are all High School so far. We are making too much of a deal out of the class make-up. We need talent, strength, speed and passion. We are better in that today than August 15, 2012.

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Bowen, KU football assistants adjust roles to maximize new defense

They are staying on the field instead of mass substitutions so that WE DO NOT look like chickens with their heads cut off

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Opinion: Don’t count out Kansas LB Schyler Miles

Miles will be part of much needed improvement in special teams, look for more 'starters' to play on special teams this year as we try and do a better job in the field position battle and create a few more turnovers.

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Opinion: Don’t sell Weis short for choice of words

We have got a number of players recently that were offered by other BCS programs rated much higher than KU. That did not happen in the past.

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Notebook: Texas coach Brown praises balanced Big 12, including KU

Charlies comment was not out of the blue to the players. None of them were surprised or hurt. I believe we got an insight to the behind closed doors motivation that this team will be taking to the field this year.

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Notebook: Charlie Weis draws attention for 'pile of crap' comment; Marcus Jenkins-Moore has knee surgery

Charlie has already said that he starts out by saying he is the leader of that piece of crap so he includes himself in needing to get better and is not throwing his team under the bus.

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KU football unveils five new helmets for 2013 season

yes thats the one and NY Giants white jersey with red numbers and lettering on the road, Giants pants and the red helmet for road games. Jerseys need the red stripes on the shoulders like NY Giants.

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