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Self: Newcomers’ talents impressive

Our bench would beat K-State

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Loss of Combs far from devastating for KU football

I actually think our (KU) basketball program has been in pretty good shape through the years, probably best to stick with football regarding comments coming out of Manhattan.

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ESPN: Bill Self top coach for NBA

Self would never go to his alma mater and play Kansas 2 or 3 times every year.

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Turning a corner? KU finally wins close one in improbable 13-10 victory over LA Tech

Heaps made a number of quality throws, defense made a number of quality stops, we are getting there, we will upset two or three conference teams and just miss a bowl game.

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Jayhawk duo reunite in defensive backfield

Defensive backs moving to a 15 yard pass and breaking it up, something we saw at Rice and very seldom in the 2-3 years prior. Hope that is a sign for the future.

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Opinion: Texas football should turn to …

I do not care who Texas fires or hires. Rock Chalk.

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No problem: Weis not worried about QB play

Most are concentrating on the offense while the first key to turning around a program is the defense. We held Rice to 16 offensive points. A big step forward.

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Kansas football afflicted with dropsies

The turn around under Mangino started with the defense. I do not think we are talking enough about the fact Rice scored 16 points on offense. Rice has averaged over 30 points for over a year and their offense is all Juniors and Seniors

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Rice O-line coach, former KU aide John Reagan sees promise in Jayhawks' D-line

The Rice offense scored 16 points.

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KU cornerback Kevin Short to sit out 2013 season

McLemore was forced to sit out a year to strengthen academics. That worked out pretty good for him and KU.

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