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Lawrence native, KU football freshman Devin Neal not a newcomer to K-State rivalry

Keenan Garber, Ekow Boye-Doe and Jax Dineen all Lawrence kids and they all contribute at K-State. Dineen hurts because of his family's legacy at KU.

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'Highly disappointed' after blowout loss to Baylor, Jayhawks aim to regroup quickly

I agree that we are a few recruiting cycles away from Leipold putting a truly competitive team on the field each weekend. Like I said in my prior post I am more happy with this hire than the previous 4. I didn't mind the Turner Gill hire, but the patience wasn't there from the school and fans probably from the recent success of Mangino. Would have liked to see what he could have done with a couple more years, but that's all history now. The other hires (Weis and Miles) were to sell tickets except for Beaty who wasn't ready for the job.

The other thing that I would agree with that could make this a harder rebuild is the transfer portal. I could see a lot of teams around the country becoming farm clubs for the elites of the game. The variables are different for K-State and KU when comparing rebuilds, but when I think back on all of it the situation in Manhattan was dire, they had nothing and almost lost their program. We are in a much better situation. All we have to do is put some trust in Leipold, recruit and eventually we will start winning games. Looking forward to the ride!

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'Highly disappointed' after blowout loss to Baylor, Jayhawks aim to regroup quickly

I will disagree with the KU rebuild being more difficult than K-State's. KU is not on the verge of being a DII school or an FCS football school for that matter. We have much more going for us to start our rebuild. Better facilities, location, brand recognition, etc. K-State had none of that. Now we have a coach I am excited about (first since Mangino) and we should give him more than the 2-3 years we gave the last 5 coaches. Snyder didn't get to a bowl game until his 5th season at K-State.

The schedule is a problem and hopefully with conference realignment we will go back to a 4 game non-conference slate like the AAC and SEC. KU can load the schedule up with teams we can beat and use that part of the Snyder's plan to get momentum heading into the conference schedule. I feel the tide is changing but patience is key!

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Approval from Board of Regents a requirement if KU, K-State desire to negotiate moving into new conference

Call me old fashion, love of tradition, KU and K-State have been playing each other since 1902. Do you not miss the rivalry with Missouri? That was so fierce and the hatred from each side was always obvious. I disagree that the rivalry doesn't exist, I know a lot of fans, both KU and K-State that hate to lose this match up. It's not the caliber of the KU/Missouri rivalry, but it does exist.

I do agree that there is no reason for each school to be in the same conference, but the two should still play just as Iowa and Iowa State do. Hopefully the BOR will allow each school to do what is best for them.

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Approval from Board of Regents a requirement if KU, K-State desire to negotiate moving into new conference

It's unfortunate that both state schools may no longer compete in the same conference. They may still play an annual game in most if not all sports, but the rivalry could lose some of its luster. With the money K-State has spent on their facilities over there I'm sure they will wind up in a power conference.

The Big 10 makes sense for KU (I like the move) and most talked about place to land. I keep hearing Pac 12 for K-State with a smaller chance of heading to the Big 10 due to their National Bio and Agri-defense facility.

Who knows, the Big 12 will probably grab Houston and Cincinnati and keep the Big 12 on life support.

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AP source: Texas, Oklahoma talk to SEC about joining league

If Texas does in fact go to the SEC I could see Texas A&M coming back to the Big 12. Then I think the Big 12 would make a move to pick up Louisville or another school to stay at 10. Unless things have changed I thought KU and K-State were always a package deal as the Kansas Board of Regents wanted to keep the schools competing together. Oh how I hate the Longhorns now!

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Jeff Long out as KU athletic director amid fallout from football coach's departure

You make a good point, if hiring committees can locate, interview and recommend coaches for hire. Why have an AD on the payroll?

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KU plans to ride with true freshman Jalon Daniels as 'the guy' at No. 1 QB

I re-watched the game from Saturday. Daniels is only 17 so I will give him time to learn and grow in the system. I agree with many that we have good players, but unsure why our coaches for so many years have been able to translate the talent onto the field.

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KU football special teams no-show in Sunflower Showdown

I could see Doeren coming back, but not until the team is in a better spot. He has done well at NC State and they are currently 4-2. You could argue it would be a lateral move, but it would be a major step back to take the job now and a move that would be very risky to one's career.

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Les Miles lands on list of top 150 college football coaches of all-time

From where that program was when he took it over to what he accomplished there is nothing short of miraculous. Len is right! It's not like Snyder took over Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska or Colorado. All schools have won a national championship in the last 30 years. Had Snyder gone to one of these schools there is no doubt in my mind he would have won at least one national championship. I always heard LSU was after him in the late 90's but Snyder stayed at K-State to build a program, which he has done. I have nothing but respect for Snyder. But now KU with Miles, has an opportunity to do something similar, something better!

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