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Kansas guard Christian Braun to keep his name in 2022 NBA draft

This is definitely the right decision, just as returning will be the right decision for both Wilson and McCullar. We'll miss so much about CB, from what he added to the stat sheet, to his monstrous intangibles like passion, drive and competitive fire. I wish him all the best!

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KU point guard Devon Dotson's stay-or-go decision process arrives sooner than expected

I love Dot and would be thrilled if he decided to return. But he can't get much faster, and he's not going to grow 4 inches in the next year. I can't imagine that he could do anything to improve his draft stock, above what he did this year. This is a weak draft, and therefore, sadly for us, the time for him to go.

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No March Madness: NCAA cancels national championship tournaments

Crap. I've been refreshing ESPN all day waiting for this...I was so hoping to see "suspended" or "postponed" rather than "cancelled"...

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Third-ranked Jayhawks well aware of what's at stake this weekend at No. 1 Baylor

For those planning to go to this game, any advice on what time to arrive? I know College Gameday is there right before the game. I'm assuming most tickets are general admission, so first come, first serve?

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Runaway rout: No. 5 Kansas crushes Monmouth, 112-57

I don't remember the last game where everyone on our roster scored. That's pretty incredible. I enjoy watching games like this, and they're much better for my heart than the nail-biters in February and March... :)

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Duke, Maui, Villanova headline KU's 2019-20 non-conference basketball schedule

If we get Kentucky in the SEC challenge, and play Michigan State in Maui, we'd play all the Champions Classic teams in the regular season. I would think that would be a first.

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He's Back: Kansas point guard Devon Dotson announces return to KU

Fantastic news! Beyond the raw stats, Devon brings so many intangibles to next year's team (leadership, grit, fearlessness, etc.) If Dok and Silvio can both stay healthy, Dotson could average close to ten assists per game.

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Quentin Grimes withdraws from NBA draft pool, plans to transfer from KU

I am surprised by this, not because he withdrew from the draft, but transferring to another school is somewhat baffling to me. He doesn't have much competition at his position for next year, and why play the waiting game?? Not to mention all things he had at Kansas that he won't find at most schools. Maybe he'll look at joining the Australian league too..

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5-star target R.J. Hampton passes on KU to head overseas

Yep, it appears you are right about that. That's still a lot of money, and I can think of a lot worse places to live than New Zealand for sure. I live in Little Elm, TX where RJ is from, and while it's not a bad place, we don't quite have the views of the North Island. :)

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5-star target R.J. Hampton passes on KU to head overseas

I would have liked to see him in a Jayhawks uniform next season but I definitely admire his honesty and courage making this move. And I'm guessing his million+ will be tax free? Even if not, that's a lot of money for doing what he loves, playing for a team that will undoubtedly revolve around him. It'll be interesting to see if others follow his lead.

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