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Planet Withey: KU center moves up blocks list as Jayhawks rout Richmond

The steals and subsequent assists were fantastic. I liked the strong dunk while getting fouled by the big guy. The Withey of the past doesn't get the two plus one.

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Jeff Withey paces KU against Spiders

Agree 100%. I was shocked when I read this. Naadir was way more under control, but two of those threes were off balance fade-aways that happened to go. Let's not go crazy.

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Not great late: KU’s carelessness has Bill Self steaming

Agreed. Facing that 1-3-1 extended pass we see a guard throw a 30 foot skip pass to another player that isn't any more open when the passer isn't under any pressure. Dribble up the court. The defense is spacing to prevent passes but not to prevent dribbling. Go up the damn court! Quit stopping 1/3rd of the way and throwing a lob that I could intercept from my couch. You are a guard for one of the best basketball schools in the country. Dribble!

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Recap: Hey, that looks more like a Bill Self defense ...

Arrrgh. This is a case where percentile ranking is fairly useless. If the 80th percentile is only a fraction of a percent away from the 7th percentile then it means that there isn't much difference between the two so looking at that as a metric is useless.

Imagine that the best hitting team in the majors was hitting .285 and the 20th best hitting team was hitting .283 then looking at percentile ranking isn't very instructive. If 44.5 is great and 45 is awful then it doesn't make much of difference.

Percentile rankings with such a small sample size is also useless. This is by far the toughest schedule that we have started with in the past few years. UCLA and Georgetown are down but they aren't FAU and Alcorn State. That number will probably improve in the next two games and go the other way for the OSU game.

The worrying number is an assist to TO ratio of less than one for our three main guards. It is so off right now that we might be able to get it above one before the OSU game.

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Thomas Robinson will get better

I was there last night (up in GA with my daughter) and the crowd was pumped before the game but it died down with, what was honestly, boring sloppy play. We drove and got fouled early but couldn't score and FAU was up before you could blink. KU finished the first half strong but then came out flat in the 2nd half. FAU played us even in the 2nd half until about 4 or 5 minutes left. It took forever for KU to get that first dunk to liven up the crowd and I think we got rejected by the rim at least 4 or 5 times. The Alley Oops were just oops with one sailing 3 feet over Robinson and another hitting the rim. Thomas got the ball right by the basket and then put the ball on the floor and moved away from the basket to take his shot.

Jordan J had about the best move by a KU player with a blow by with about a minute left.

Besides the silly TO's and the lack of steals, I would like to see this team be better in fast breaks. It seems like in 2 on 1's we charge or just miss the shot way too often.

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FINAL: Tyler Thornton's clutch threes push Duke past Kansas, 68-61, in Maui Invitational final

I'll be at the game against Florida Atlantic next week with my daughters cheering on the Hawks. I know that gym would have been on fire had we won the game but it was a great effort nonetheless. Everyone played hard. Taylor was just awful with the ball but he made some good plays too. I like our guys and I like this tough schedule. We're learning a lot about our team and what we need to do to improve against good competition. Hold your heads high fellas!

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Where does KU have an advantage over Kentucky? Plus, predictions for tonight's clash at MSG

The biggest recruiting coup for UK was getting the returners to forgo the draft. If Jones and Lamb had left then I would give us the edge on experience at this point in the season. I would love to see us win this game but win or lose I think this will be a valuable game for the Jayhawks.

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Back in the game: Starters Tyshawn Taylor, Elijah Johnson to return tonight in opener

I was looking at that as well. I really don't think we'll win or lose all of those games. We'll win at least one in Maui since we would play Chaminade if we lose to Georgetown. That said, I hope with our starters all returning players (if not all returning starters) perhaps we can play a little more together than the one and dones of UK. Perhaps if we win several of these games we can bust into the top ten.

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FINAL: KU survives with 63-62 victory over Oklahoma State

Why wasn't Robinson in the game after their bigs fouled out? He could have cleaned up on the boards.

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FINAL: Hot-shooting Jayhawks rout Baylor, 85-65

KU had some poor play in the 2nd half at times but they burned clock. Took 30 seconds off of the clock lots of times and still came up with baskets. I told my Dad at halftime that I'd throw my remote through the TV if Kieff jacked up a three with 30 seconds on the shot clock in the 2nd half. At the end of the season, no one cares how many halves you won.

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