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Big 12 invites BYU, UCF, Cincinnati and Houston to join

For starters, Colorado will never come back to the Big 12. They always wanted to be in the Pac 10, now Pac 12 after they and Utah joined. Nebraska is not likely to leave the Big Ten in my opinion.

Along the same lines, I don't ever see anyone in the SEC ever leaving that league. The money and alledged stability is all that matters to the other schools in that league outside of maybe Alabama, Georgia, LSU, and Florida, who all believe they are good enough to not only win their league, but national titles as well in any given year.

Here is the irony in all this - these schools are now first and foremost all about the money and stability of being in a top conference. Do they want to win, yes, but that has become secondary to the almighty $$. Fans of these schools have all reacted the same way. Initially they think being in a new league is a great idea, but a few years in, ask their fans how they feel about being in those leagues when they aren't winning anything, and in some cases are not even bowl eligible, let alone playing for anything big nationally. Nebraska is no longer a national power. How are OU and Texas fans going to react to a few 9-3, 8-4, or worse years. Yeah the money will be great, but the fans won't like being an after thought.

Sorry I will also disagree with playing more conference games. Power conferences should all be playing the same type schedules, so they can be judged the same way. That's been my biggest complaint about the SEC, yes they have good quality programs, but they are only playing eight conference games in a 14 team league, while all the other leagues play nine. I like what a lot of the leagues have done in recent years, where they mandate playing at least one other Power Five school each year. I don't really want to change hoops either, as I like seeing programs like ours playing a number of other quality non-con teams each year, which is only a plus come March. Conference schedule is tough enough without making it 20 or 22 games.

I'll agree this is all somewhat tricky, as we all still want to see the Big 12 be a relevant league. I think this is a good start, and I'm not opposed to maybe adding a couple more teams in the future. A USF would certainly be a good travel partner for UCF, and they are a much bigger school than many think. Another western school would be a good plus for BYU as well. RCJH!

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Woodland's 2-under in final round lands him tied for 33rd at BMW Championship

There is only one more event in this crazy current season, and that is the Tour Championship this weekend. It is the final event of the Fed Ex Cup Playoffs, and since Gary finished outside the top 30 in Fed Ex Cup points, he did not qualify for that event.

The first event of the new season is the Safeway Open Sept 10-13 before the U S Open the following week, but it is on the West Coast and the U S Open is on the East Coast, so no idea if he will play that week or not. He may well take a couple weeks off before heading to the U S Open, so we all hope to see him do well in defending his title! RCJH

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Tom Keegan: Schedule takes Kansas behind the eight ball

While we all want to beat UK on Saturday, that game is somewhat on the bottom of my list on importance right now. Now I don't want to go there and lose by 30, and I hope we win, but a non-con road game against another Top 4 team you want a good showing for sure.

That being said, I really want a win tonight, for many reasons. One we have not won there in awhile, and would be nice to get that done. Along those lines, a win there, and a win at home against Baylor next Wed, and we will have run the table for the first round of conference games! That makes a statement to everyone else in the league.

As always, have to continue taking care of biz at home. So far, I think only us and Baylor have not lost a conference home game. We can withstand 2-3 road losses by winning all of the home games.

Finally, and a lot of games before then, but a game not on this list above that could be a tough one is the regular season finale at Stillwater. Yes their record isn't very good, but they gave us a tough time at home earlier, we have had issues there over the years, and they do have some talented guys. Add in our game that day is the last one of the day's schedule, so we could be playing needing a win to either tie for or win the league outright. Obviously would be nice if we got to that point and it didn't matter!

Let's start with a win tonight, I want to see us win in Morgantown! Rock Chalk!!

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Tom Keegan: Nine potential successors for Self

Marius - Turgeon is on the list, last one on there.

Now, for starters I think Self is here at least another 3-5 years minimum, maybe longer. So keeping that in mind, I would not want most of these guys listed in five years, some are borderline now. This is not to say most of the guys listed aren't good coaches. But if Self stays that long, even the youngest guys on this list will be mid to upper 40's in five years

Let's remember Self was 40 when he came to KU, Roy was 38, heck I think even Larry Brown was in his low 40's. I would want someone close to this age group who hopefully would stay long term as Bill and Roy have.

That being said, the guys closest to this for my liking, in no particular order - Bennett, Haase, Hoiberg, maybe one one of the Miller brothers. Don't get me wrong, I love Danny & Turg, but they will both be in their mid 50's in five years.

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Jayhawks awarded the top overall seed in NCAA Tournament

Kent, I agree with all this except for the OU playing in OKC part. You and I could be chairs of the selection committee and OU would still be playing there. No different than years we have played in KC. The "pod systems" the first weekend of the tourney rewards the top four seeds in each region with the closest site to their campus. The only exception would be if that school were the host of said site. Louisville is not in the tourney of course, but if they were, they could not play in the South Region as they are the host there.

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Jayhawks awarded the top overall seed in NCAA Tournament

People, let's get over the geographic location placement! There have been lots of years that one seeds, two seeds, etc are placed in Regions that are not beneficial travel wise. Mostly remember '07 when we were sent West, and UCLA was the two seed. That was more unfair than being sent west!

Second, Castiglione (OU) and the Mich St guy whose name escapes me, are not involved in decisions involving their schools or their conference schools. So drop the favoritism argument for where teams got placed because it does not exist.

Now let's discuss why this draw is actually very beneficial for us. Yeah would have been nice to go to Chicago, but by not being there, we actually miss playing Mich State or some other Big Ten school in their backyard. There are potential tough games in every bracket some where. Also possible some of those teams can get knocked off, especially in this crazy season, where good teams have lost left and right.

But check this out - N Carolina, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Xavier all in the East. Virginia, Iowa State, Utah, and Mich State all in the Midwest. What do all of these teams, and other good ones in those regions have in common? They are all on the other side of the bracket, meaning we would only see one of these teams, and that would be in the title game. Yes there are good teams in our region and the West, but not as many as those other two regions.

We still have to play well each game. I have always said after the first game, it really doesn't matter what you are seeded, because you are likely to see a very good team, and they get better the further you go. As crazy as this year has been, my only interest, as it should be with the team, is to take care of business in Des Moines, and then we will worry about Louisville next week! That being said, I like our chances! Rock Chalk!!

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Exploring the idea of Big 12 expansion

First of all, I don't believe there will be any new schools from Texas in this expansion. Heck the Texas schools don't want any more of them in the league.

Second, the Big 12 does not need some other Texas school to get into the Houston market. Texas, as in UT, already has the market cornered in the major eastern cities of the state, including DFW, Houston, and San Antonio. A&M is probably 2nd in those markets. Just a guess, but I would imagine UH isn't even third in their own city, so why go after them.

The league will probably only expand by two, although I believe they should go after four. In no particular order, my choices would be -

Cincinnati and Memphis. They have improving football programs, and while down this year, basketball has strong traditions. Decent size markets, and good travel partners for WV.

South Florida & Central Florida. Kind of similar to KU in that their football programs have good years every now & then. Hoops are kind of iffy with both. Negative in that they are a ways a way & everyone would have longer trips there, as would they. Everyone thinks of Fla, FSU, Miami as big schools, but USF & UCF have huge enrollments also. I was surprised to hear how big USF is. While they will always play second fiddle to the more well known Florida schools, they have bigger followings than you think, are in big metro areas, and USF plays at the Bucs stadium in Tampa.

I bring up these two Florida schools as I think they would be great options if the league expanded by four schools instead of just two.

I like BYU, but who else do you bring in with them? Another western school? Colorado State maybe, as you regain some of the Denver market. UNLV? Boise? Do you bring in BYU with one other eastern school? Travel would really be all over the place then.

I do hope expansion gets done, will certainly help the league in the long run.

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Familiar feeling: KU falls at West Virginia for third straight season

Obviously we did not play well overall. Turnovers and free throws were the biggest issue. Again we can't point the finger at one or two guys, as nine different players had at least one turnover. Offensive rebounds by WV have to be mixed in again, although it was a little better than last year, but giving up 15 is too many.

Concerning we didn't play well, but a loss would have hurt WV more than us. I may be wrong, but I still think at least 3-4 losses min wins the league. Just hard to figure that some of these teams will win on the road against the better teams. WV caught a break with first three games being against likely bottom feeders, but the more they win, the longer they will hang around. Iowa State being 1-3 a bit surprising, and as much as we have prob's at WV, they have similar issues at home with Baylor. OU is the one we all have to watch, although I still think they will lose at least a couple more somewhere.

Still early, and there will be games like this. Hopefully they will be few and far between. Must continue to win at home, take care of the bottom half of the league, and then steal one or two against the top half. The power conferences are all tough, as evidenced by KU, Miami, and Maryland all losing last night. Many other good teams have lost a couple already as well. If we improve as the season goes on, we have as good a chance as anyone. Rock Chalk!!

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Matt Tait: The state of KU football recruiting

One thing I didn't see here is where we will be after this new class with total number on scholarship. Seems to me that number last year was around 65. With the seniors we lost, additional ones who left, and add this 18-19 coming in, it seems to me we are still only going to be in the 60-65 range of total guys on scholarship.

I agree that we don't need to hand out scholarships just to fill spots, we have to get quality individuals who will build depth. Seems like we are having a hard time gaining any ground though if the numbers are the same.

Matt, how many seniors in this coming year's bunch? Seems with all the ones that left or were asked to leave when Beaty arrived, that we ought to be getting to a point where the next couple senior classes should be smaller, thus giving us the best chance to further rebuild with a full new class of 25 in the next couple years. Thoughts?

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Buddy Hield scores 46 for OU in losing effort

Wow Bryce, I had to go look that one up, and you are absolutely correct. According to the media guide, there have only been nine games total that KU has given up 100, and last night was #10. Ironically the last two times this has happened, KU won both games in overtime, last night and in 2002 at Texas.

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