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Kansas QB Jason Bean's team-first mentality played a huge role in Jayhawks becoming bowl eligible

Given the competition... OU's defense sucks for example We've stalled inside the 10 yard line how many times with Bean compared to with Daniels? At least 2x as many with Bean in the exact same number of minutes. Bean's thrown more interceptions on fewer attempts than Daniels, and we've punted way more times with Bean than with Daniels. That toughness running the ball is one of the biggest factors but also the decisions on where to throw it and better third down conversion rate with Daniels.

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Kansas QB Jason Bean's team-first mentality played a huge role in Jayhawks becoming bowl eligible

JD is a tougher runner, makes better passes, and overall better decisions. He's not as fast as Bean, but he did make better decisions and the offense was more potent with JD.

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Speed demons: No. 5 Kansas clobbers North Dakota State, 82-59, to move to 2-0

This Dick kid is better than advertised, IMO. Overall, this team seems to have really good chemistry early on. Udeh and Adams playing well together. All the guards are making good decisions. Jalen is a stud. MJ Rice looked impressive. Bring on Duke! These kids look to be all on the same page. So many thought that this game was going to be a tough one, but execution and players on the same page. Overall, we have a lot of quickness and when combined with sharp passes and execution, they are looking good for this early in the season.

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Kansas RB Devin Neal named Big 12 Offensive Player of the Week

If he wasn't named BigXII POW, it would have been a travesty. He should have been national offensive player of the week too.

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Fifth-ranked Kansas sprints past Pitt State after slow start in exhibition victory

Bad start. Good outcome. Young team. Let's see where it goes.

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Kansas Athletics announces "To the Stars" strategy, which outlines big, long-range goals for entire department

If I'm there to watch the game. With that said, if people want better coverage that isn't wifi, they could simply have a carrier install a cell antenna on top of the press box. It would be costly. I'm also betting that there already are some integrated boosters installed by at least on carrier around campus in more than one spot due to the number of students there.

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Kansas basktball coach Bill Self says KU's 3-point attempts should be up this season; here's why & what that might look like

As long as they are good shots and we make 40% give or take 2 or 3 percent, I'll be okay with this. But we still have to get the big guys the ball for some looks.

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As Kansas football heads into its bye week, one thing is clear — the Jayhawks need their QB back

Daniels is clearly better all-around than Bean and Jalon is also smarter. Bean has slid before getting the first down on 3rd downs several times. Bean has thrown some really bad passes, and has missed receivers because he doesn't put enough air under it. We lost to TCU by 7, critical INT thrown on a really bad decision by Bean. Yes, Jalon fumbled it in the first half at the 1 which was also a missed opportunity. The fumble is more excusable than throwing the ball right to a defender deep in our own end. And Bean has also ran out of bounds for losses when he could have gotten rid of the ball without a penalty. Bean is also not as tough as a runner and usually goes down on first contact. He isn't that agile, or at least doesn't show it on game days. Jalon is tougher, more agile, has a stronger arm, and makes better decisions than Bean. That is why were 5-0. After Jalon went down, we lost every game.

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Has the definition of success for Kansas football in 2022 changed? For some it has, for others it hasn't…

If the fans are honest, their expectations have already been exceeded. There wasn't anyone on here saying they could win 5 games this year. KU has the toughest road, top rated SOS the rest of the way. We can win a couple more. It is irrational to say the last two are irrational. TCU just beat OSU right after they beat us. THey're for real. We could maybe 3 if the chips fall right. Then we could also lose the rest of them but if we lose by 7 or 10 pts instead of by 40 or 50, it's real progress in the right direction given the major injuries we've experienced.

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Matt Tait: KU football regression continues in Week 7; so what comes next?

Yes, Bean made some terrible decisions. I didn't get to watch every play. But the two INTs was that he was not decisive. If he had thrown the ball that went for the 2nd INT sooner, it would have been a reception for us. Also, on the 3rd and long, he just fell to the ground 2 or 3 yards short and could have gotten the first. Another play where we had a wide-open receiver and he threw it too low and it got knocked down by a linebacker. It is predictable when you stare at the receiver for 2 seconds before you throw it to that receiver.

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