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Kansas coach Lance Leipold said several factors played a role in KU's conversative approach in win vs. Iowa State

We did get lucky, but their special teams are a facet of the game and they were horrible. Our defense did play better than they had all season and forced them out of their element. There were some passes that Dekkers through that if our guy had been watching the ball, we could have had a couple more interceptions but that was because they didn't send Hutchinson deep because we had over the top help on him. He caught a lot of passes, but not the big scoring plays.

We didn't miss those field goals for them. That is true. Their kicker missed 3 of them, but that is because their special teams were horrible, and if ours had been bad like that we would have lost but we woudln't say Iowa State was lucky. Iowa State has to take responsibility for their terrible special teams play, we cannot control that. 3 missed FGs. 1 muffed punt. And an interference called on their punt team. Probably the difference in the game that stuck out the most, but those would have been irrelevant if JD had hit those 2 passes and we have to take responsibility for that.

We should also acknowledge that our defense played pretty well, especially against the run, a lot of pressure on Dekkers with 5 sacks and some hurries. We had some key break ups of passes and we played really well against the run. Years past, we would have lost this game, but with this new attitude on this team we overcame some things that we wouldn't have even come close to overcoming this time last season and previous seasons.

Now we have TCU to look forward to. I'm not going to take anything away from them but Gabriel had 126 yards passing before getting the head shot that caused him to have to exit. That was early in the 2nd quarter and he would have likely went for at least 350 or 400 yards through the air. The OU defense, however, is suspect. I don't know how OU will recover or if they will, but these are are next two opponents and we can beat TCU. I do not think that TCU is nearly as good on defense as ISU is, and we're at home again and ESPN Gameday is in town. Going to be a crazy day in Lawrence. Going to be a ton of excitement around this game and it will be interesting to see how our guys are under the spot light.

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5 and Oh My: Kansas survives late scare, hangs on to beat Iowa State 14-11

If he would have been inbounds, it would have counted as an INT. but he was out of bounds when the ball came loose.

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Not ranked? Who cares? Not the Jayhawks.

I have to agree with Rodney. Where is the proof that they're paid to rank certain teams a certain way to get TV ratings? If Alabama was 4-0 and playing Texas A&M at 4-0... not going to be the premier matchup on gameday.

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Career-best performance by Jalon Daniels spurs Kansas to home win against Duke

Grimm has some good hands. That one catch against West Virginia was similar but not in the endzone. He's got some hops and he's a really good route runner. He's not the only one with that potential. JD's arm is NFL quality in both strength and accuracy.

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Career-best performance by Jalon Daniels spurs Kansas to home win against Duke

Skinner is much better than I thought he was going to be for sure. Morrison has the speed, but he is new with this team so getting his feet wet and getting an opportunity to find his place in this offense will be of great benefit the next couple of seasons, and maybe later this season.

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Career-best performance by Jalon Daniels spurs Kansas to home win against Duke

Hishaw is an incredible complement for Neal. Neal can take it to the house too. It makes it very hard to defend against this offense with these two guys combined with JD double threat, and it is maybe the best double threat in the country right now.

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Kansas football just misses cracking into this week's AP Top 25

Iowa State was favored to win against Baylor too. K-State was picked to finish 4th. WIth that said, a win against Iowa State will bring out the words,

The one thing I noticed yesterday is coming out in the 3rd quarter, our defense made it clear that there were some adjustments and they were playing harder and hitting harder. We had some really bad penalties in the second half such as the late hit on Duke's QB and one of the PI's(which may have been smart to prevent the big play). The last PI was a bad call, but the boys acted like men and overcame it. By the way, taking the holding penalty is not what hurt us. It was the lat hit on the QB that did. That would have been "ball game" if Phelps had just not done that, but he's human and I won't hold it against him. There was some jawing going on out there and the emotions might have gotten the best of a few guys a couple of times which happens with young men, and even men my age.

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Matt Tait: It's time for Kansas football to lock up Lance Leipold

I'm kind of mixed on this. I don't know about restructuring the contract right now. That could backfire, but he is a great fit at Kansas and doing a great job. The students and the rest of the fan base would lose as well if he leaves.

We don't know all of the details of the contract. At least I don't. But I would certainly want him to stay. It appears that he is enjoying what he is doing and you showed some emotion at the end of the game yesterday. I remember when we were guessing how many games we're going to win this year, and some said 3, 4, or maybe a few more. Now some games that didn't look winnable before the season don't just look winnable but might be games we expect to win now.

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With words and wardrobe, Kansas football coach Lance Leipold continues to emphasize team above everything in wake of Jayhawks 3-0 start

I think it's apparent. Leipold is using a lot of players and they are all executing. We don't know how far he is into the playbook, but the number of players with receptions, number of players with rushing yards, the more equal dispersion of tackles among the the top 3 or 4 tacklers on the team are indicators that Lance is using the strengths of every player on the roster including Locklin on the 60 yd TD reception. I'm thinking that he's setting up for some major curve balls to be thrown in games against the best teams left on the schedule.

The egg is only cracked open, but hasn't been emptied yet.

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Kansas men's basketball players make 'statement' that NIL opportunities can benefit more than just Jayhawks' bank accounts

Free labor? Full ride scholarship is "free labor"? They all signed willfully play under the old rules. The integrity of college sports is threatened by this.

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