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Iowa prep Barnes not typical standout

100. The times have changed. I don't think we'll see another Danny Manning. We may see several four-year players drafted, but none of that talent. But Barnes is from Iowa, and KU has a pretty good track record of keeping kids from there for four years.

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KU football lands two commitments

Everyone always gets carried away with the stars a recruit has. Chase Daniel, Todd Reesing, Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy were all three-star recruits.

Then guys like Rhet Bomar and Jimmy Clausen were your five-star recruits.

When Bill Callahan was at Nebraska he recruited five-star guys and couldn't get it done.

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Briscoe, Stuckey named preseason all-Americans

Phil Steele is the same guy that picked KU to finish 4th in the Big 12... That's all I'm taking from this.

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2009 Jayhawks fourth in North? I think not

Nebraska isn't going to get things turned around this year...

1. KU
2. Missouri
3. Nebraska
4. Colorado
5. Kansas State
6. Iowa State

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Athletic systems broken

If you could find a way to do this correctly, it might be a good idea. The only thing is that all Division-I programs should receive money, not just the good ones that turn pros.

If the money could be given to the schools in the way that school's athletic departments use the money to fund all sports, not just football and basketball, then the money that football and basketball make could then go towards academics.

This would be ideal, but I would imagine that the athletic programs would just use it to pump up their facilities and coaching salaries and academics would receive nothing. I know that KU Athletics is separate from the university, but if there were excess money coming in, some would have to be turned back over to the university that educates these students.

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Sorry, hoops-heads: Baseball king in this town

Eurekahawk, you need to watch the movie the Sandlot.

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Recruit Wall charged with breaking and entering

...correction, shoplifting, not breaking and entering.

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Recruit Wall charged with breaking and entering

ku_foaf, don't forget Dezmon Briscoe's B & E incident at the Walmart here in Lawrence just before his freshman year.

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KU roster could be best ever


Considering how Aldrich would have been a lottery pick this year if he had gone in the draft, what makes you think he'll be a career back-up center? If you really look at it, with three years of Danny Manning coaching him, possibly four, he has a chance to be a great NBA center. Your basis is probably that because he's white, he'll be a back-up.

As far as making an NBA roster goes, I'd say that any of last year's freshman class has the potential to make an NBA roster after four years in BIll Self's camp. And I would suggest looking at some video of Elijah Johnson and Thomas Robinson too...

And Collins... I think you'll be surprised how high his draft stock rises this next year when he actually gets a chance to play as a true point guard.

May 1, 2009 at 10:44 a.m. ( | suggest removal ) plans live stream of Xavier Henry press conference

and oh. Rivals said it too... As a KU fan it would be great for Xavier to commit, but funny that the Enormous Sports Programming network and everyone else was wrong. It's not like they haven't been before. ESPN said Shannahan was going to be the coach of the Chiefs and it was all over the front of their website.

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