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Safety Bradley McDougald gets message


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Fizzou is not usually ranked that high. KU would have nothing to gain by playing them in the future. I loved the Rick Barns comment stating that if UT was looking to schedule an SEC opponent, they would want to play one of the top two teams, which means Kentucky or Florida, every year. Of course, he was responding to the question about TAM, but the same theory applies to Fizzou.

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Bill Self: KU rebounds nicely from loss to MU

Coach could have called a timeout when were gassed, but it is not cool to do that on the road with a lop-sided score. Fizzou and the Kitties are the obvious exceptions to that unwritten rule. Coach did the classy thing and it was good for our guys, too.

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Mizzou fan antics don’t rile Robinson

+1 Gottlieb has always been, and remains, very supportive of KU. He knows basketball as well as anybody.

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Aggies, Self pupil take on Jayhawks

Turg was GREAT.............and is GREAT!!!!!

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Which KU starter has improved the most since last season?

I voted for Withey because he had much more roooooom for improvement, and has made great strides. You could really pick any one of them........ except TT. And I am a great TT fan. I'll take the good with the bad; he makes the Hawks go!

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Texas guards take aim at KU

Myck is a good kid and I am certain he meant no disrespect regarding Lisa Robinson's passing, or the impact it had on that game. You know how the media works; they keep sticking the "mic" in a kid's face until he says something stupid.

Having said that, I hope our guards eat him alive today in Austin.


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Lyly Stephenson Hall???

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Tweet nothings: Tyshawn Taylor scores 28, silences Twitterati

He just got tired of the constant criticism on twitter so he responded by saying, "unless you have lased 'em up somewhere in D I ball (past or present), STFU", without the F. Sweet and simple.

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