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Opinion: Defend Big 12 title? Of course KU can

About those classy Kstate fans....watching the 1st round game last week at my local Tanners with my son and his buddies, I noticed a group of 4Western Kentucky fans, cheering wildly. They were decked out in the Hilltoppers colors, shirts and all. As the game wore on and their consumption increased, I heard more negative profanity laced comments about KU. after the less than convincing victory, I stopped by the table to tell them good game, and found out they were Kstate fans in drag. Wasn't really surprised, but all I could do was to shake my head, walk away and revel in their stupidity.

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Self, KU prep for evenly matched battle with Michigan

Can we call you Johnny Fever?

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Opinion: Under Bill Self, KU dazzlingly consistent

Man, I read " war and peace" quicker than that post.

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KU’s Bill Self won’t revisit flippin’ OSU loss

After trying to read Jaybate's inaugural address, I feel like the guy sitting next to the old lady in Airplane...where's the noose?

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Mono-dramatic: Jayhawks sloppy in new jerseys

Bad superpower guy from Krypton in SupermanII.

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A Devil, you say: Ottawa standout Semi Ojeleye says Duke best fit

Nino Samuel, wow, what a blast from the past. I grew up in Salina idolizing the future KU signee. What a physique..wide shoulders, bulging biceps, and arms longer than most 7 footers. I remember him dropping 44 on Emporia and the Terry twins in 1970. He lived with a local doctor, and we would play him 5 on 1 in the driveway and always lose.(we were 13). And above all, he was humble, gracious and always nice to us kids. He was 6' 4'', and lacked the requisite ball handling skills for the big time, as he always played down low in high school with his crazy jumping ability. He later transferred to NAIA Marymount and was a home town hero for a good Spartan team. Nino is now a successful businessman on the Wesrt Coast. Ah...the memories.

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Happy holidays: Ben McLemore cherishes visit with brother

Coach is a class act in all respects. When my son graduated in 2008, (the best year in KU sports history according to him), I spotted Coach Self milling around at the bottom of the hill near the stadium, looking like a tourist...old KU hat, cargo shorts and T-shirt, I hardly recognized him. Nervously approaching him, worrying about a Bobby Knightesh response, I asked Coach if he would mind if he posed for a picture with my son and his two friends. Coach Self jovially acquiesced, shaking my hand and those of the recent graduates, who were almost frozen in place with wilting nerves. What a guy. He even struck up a short conversation, having recognized the Dad of one of my son's friends. Needless to say, that picture is framed in a KU graduation portfolio on my son's wall. I repeat, a top notch individual is Bill Self!

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Four-star defensive tackle Marquel Combs picks KU football via Twitter

Now, for 2013, bring back the Jayhawk on the helmets!

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T-Rob must extend his ‘D’

Yes, finally someone mentioned that the matchup problem also applies to OSU. With TT at the top of his game, seeking to drive, baby, drive (Don't extend the Ofer 3 point shooting), I see EJ open around the arc for threes or a drive and a dish. Mark my word, EJ will be the difference (positive) in taking the Hawks to the championship game.

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Awfully close: Kansas barely holds on

Going to change the subject here, my head is spinnng worse than it did after watching the Republican debate highlights last night. I took my son to the Wichita North game last week, simply to watch Conner Frankamp. Now I now how Coach K must have felt watching Bobby Hurley play after he signed with the Dukies. Simply put, the kid was unguardable, despite 2 and sometimes 3 guys attempting to stop him. At one point, it was if their defense was box and 1, with the box being on Conner. Ball handling skills reminded me of Pistol Pete, with the uncanny ability to stop on a dime, shoot, swish. Literally I was drooling when I left the arena. A little on the slight side, but his Dad has him on a stength program that he religiously completes after practice 4 times a week. He will only get bigger, stronger and better with the rigorous AAU campaign he will embark on after the season. Plus, as we all may or should know, Wichita high school basktball is as competitive as any place in the U.S. Man, I can't wait until he sports the crimson and blue. ROCK CHALK!!!

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