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K-State students find unique way to celebrate USC's NCAA Tournament basketball win over Kansas

your right Glen , in order for it to be a rivalry the other team has to win once in awhile, trying to remember but when one team can go in and beat what's called a rival what 18-19 yrs in a row on their home floor? - - THAT's not a Rivalry. - -That's just sad yet funny that they are so consumed by KU'S success - they have to reach such depths - But it's ok , they too maybe will have a Basketball team some time. Rumor has it anyways they are talking about starting a team - - we shall see lol

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Kansas cracks final four for 5-star forward Mark Mitchell

I understand I think it's alot more about his quotes of how he loves the UCLA campus and the City , on top of having some family out there. Anything can happen but just don't hold your breathe.

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Kansas cracks final four for 5-star forward Mark Mitchell

lmao I like you - - I really really do you a funny guy lol ya I like you alot roflmao

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Kansas cracks final four for 5-star forward Mark Mitchell

so very intelligent of you - - And yes - - yes I do , thanks for the compliment though Enstein must be hard - - really hard being so quick lmao. How did you EVER become so intelligent ? now I'm jealous. All you have to do is follow along if your into the sports recruiting different analysts been well known it's between UCLA the favorite and Duke , but don't let me rain on your little parade you hang in their Sparky hell we might just land EVERY top prospect -wouldn't that be great. - -We were fine before Mitchell and will be fine after Mitchell.

You hang in there good luck with that Sparky

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Kansas cracks final four for 5-star forward Mark Mitchell

Don't even begin to get your hopes up on this kid, everything I've been hearing and reading is out of these 4 Schools KU running dead last.

Most popular is probably 90 % chance UCLA - -U - -C - -L - -A. -- he loves it out there, believe he has a brother or some family living out there. - If NOT UCLA - -then Duke has made a strong impression on him , hell even heard Missery feels good about him.

Heard KU staff has kind of backed off because of ways things look or have already been told - -this ship has sailed - -nothing to get worked up about here. - -Were gonna be just fine without him. We was fine before him - - we will be fine without him

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Five-star KU hoops target Mark Mitchell to narrow list on Saturday

U - - C - L - -A - - - UCLA , UCLA .Mitchell isn't coming here. - -I've heard that the Coaching Staff has even backed off - nothing to see here, that ship has sailed

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My top four takeaways from a long and productive Kansas football media day

You and me both Len. Call me the forever optimist but I'm ready for it to start. - -Every year I'm ready. I do think this is pretty solid staff. The ONE or I think the most important thing I think we need to remember is - -KU didn't get this bad in ONE year , and it's not gonna be a ONE year fix, it's gonna take time , yet I do feel w have some pieces in place to get this turned around

One thing Coach Miles did do that I think was really important was the quality of players is better, more talented BUT the biggest thing for me anyways the attention alot more on the High School kids and Less Juco.

Our numbers are back up I think if we are not at the Max number then we are a lot closer to actually ressembling a College foot ball team. - -I think we are on our way to getting this monkey off our back and being the laughing stock in the College game. - I've got faith and hope with this staff, Ready to go get's me pumped. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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Class of 2022 prospect M.J. Rice to announce college choice on Tuesday

Why any so called KU fan would rather a potential recruit for KU go to the G league rather then KU WOW what the hell you thinkin lmao.

Like Len said with this new NIL deal kids for sure can make as much from NIL deals as any G league depending on circumstances.

Even if here is a ONE year plater we can ALWAYS use players of this caliber, this kid can flat out ball. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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Big 12 leaders meet with OU, Texas presidents as rumors, theories swirl

I was listening to a National Sports talk show last night that came off 1490 FM here in Topeka. They were talking about I guess that Texas and Oklahoma had said to the Big 12 body that if they would stay in the Big 12 that they wanted their share of the revenue to go up.

Currently each Big 12 School gets 37 million a year. - -Texas and Oklahoma want their share to go up to 56 Million each to consider staying Which they said the Big 12 body might just do to get them to stay. The thing is even if they stay with the increased revenue on their part , they brought up what's to keep them from bolting in 2025 when the contract expires ?

They also brought out an interesting point and might just be interesting to see what happens. - -I guess the Texas Legislature has introduced a bill that states that in order for Texas to be allowed to leave the Big 12 and Joining the SEC it's has to gain the approval of the Texas legislature.. - -What makes this interesting is that one of the Legislators is a Texas A & M grad - -Another is a Baylor Alum - -Another is from Texas Tech and yet another is from TCU Well as we know Texas A & M is for sure against Texas joining the SEC as they want to be the only Texas School in the SEC then the other 3 are Big 12 Schools alums.

Then they brought up they said , OK so Oklahoma says fine you won't allow Texas to leave , then that's fine we will just take our little Sister Oklahoma State with us. - Great then the question becomes - does Oklahoma State offer the SEC enough attraction that they would still want to extend the invitation to those Schools ? I think in the end Texas & Oklahoma STILL joins the SEC but this might provide a few snags along the way might be interesting

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Kansas guard Ochai Agbaji returning to KU for senior season

CLEAN SWEEP - - three for three , Remy coming to and withdrew. - This team is loaded - - and the Depth is going to be insane. - Instead of the typical 7-8 players probably looking morE like possibly 8-9 seeing plentiful minutes - -I'm ready. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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