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Late addition be damned, Kansas basketball coach Bill Self still expecting packed Allen Fieldhouse on Saturday vs. George Mason

I like that Sae - - McCoob - -fits well. Holy crap some people post just to read their own garbage.- -Cut McCoob a little slack though he is just a little soft that's all, takes some time for his light to come on , but he will be all right. - Great Post Sae

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COVID-19 issue within Colorado hoops program leads to cancellation of KU-CU game in Boulder

So it begins. - -This isn't the only time we will see this in this particular Season for KU & a lot of other teams. - It's already raising havoc across the landscape.

Just hope we didn't have a lot of inner action with their Staff and players during the day. - really going to spike after Christmas break and New Years with big group settings - -not good

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Sources: Kansas volleyball sophomore Caroline Crawford planning to leave KU

My exact same question bud - - -WHY ? - - WHAT HAPPENED ? - -like you said that's a hit , a BIG hit. I don't understand , she was one of our major players.

That kind of makes it a sad day , really sorry to hear that , I know we will be fine but anytime you lose a player of this caliber it's a hit. -Well Good luck Ladies let's get after it again next year. Good Luck Carolyn - -gonna miss ya , thanks for how you played

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Former UCF LB Eriq Gilyard announces commitment to KU football

This staff is very solid. - Love it we finally found a Coach that gets it , his record speaks for it'self. No not at the p-5 level yet but have no doubt , he is going to get this turned around - -already showed signs of that.

You can tell he is a Coach that the players want to / love to play for. Be very interesting to see how the rest of the class plays out. - -Very nice QB out of Virginia, you get a chance to watch video of him you will like. - -Really nice arm , throws the ball really well on the run - has break away speed - -I'm stoked

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KU football finds more transfer portal help, lands commitments from Craig Young, Nolan Gorczyca

Coach understands AND is getting it done. So nice to finally have a competent staff -I like these guys, there is a storm brewing and it's not that far off -it's called KU football , no more automatic W's when teams play KU

No not conference contenders - just yet but we getting this turned around. Getting some really sweet pieces

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Kansas guard Christian Braun named Big 12 Player of the Week

Love the way Christian is driving the ball , looking for his shot , love his aggressiveness.There were a lot of times last season Christian got to a point where he was passing up wide open looks not even looking for his shot. He lost confidence , much better this year really developing and some may not like it but kind of love the little bit of edge he has developed - he flushes the ball he is going to show that emotion.

I hope he keeps it up we need all hands on deck. You get him and Och together pretty good tandem - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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Kansas volleyball coach Ray Bechard on his team’s NCAA Tournament run & what comes next

Just wanted to say, so proud of these ladies , no reason to stop now. We have made it this far like they have said WHY NOT US ? love the make up of this squad we got some vital Seniors and some really good Freshmen.- -Huge wins against Oregon and then Creighton on their home court by the way. Now we have to do it again on anothers home court - -but just continue to believe like that lil red engine We think we can - -we KNOW we can.

I mean until Creighton played us last weekend they hadn't allowed any team to hit over 200 against them , think Coach said we hit 302 - that makes a winner.

Just enjoy yourself ladies you have made us proud , but might as well just win the dang thing now , maybe nobody else thinks we can but we KNOW you can - you and the lil Red Engine lol Great Season ladies givem hell - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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Kansas basketball set to host 2 top-35 prospects this weekend, top-15 target sets KU visit date

I think from what I'm hearing not that it's worth squat BUT from what I'm hearing/seeing it looks like Walsh more likely then not probably ends up at Arkansas .

Still think Bona ends up at UCLA , somehow he thinks Kentucky slighted him waited on their offer and it may of cost them lol.

Mark Miller ? - -Hmmm , he cut us along with big blue blood Kentucky & Florida - - NOW is has added us back , hmmmm, somethings going on made him change his mind for him to even visit , probably not happening but still kind of interesting that he is now visiting - never say never I guess.

Really like the Chances with Udeh , visiting this weekend would be a sweet pickup. needs to develop on the offensive end but a really good 3-4 yr player , would love to watch him develop. Gonna be a load for people - - - -don't be surprised it he doesn't announce or make a commit shortly after visit - - just sayin

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Kansas volleyball caps off sweep of Texas Tech

these ladies never quit. - -You could see them getting better as the match went on. You could see doubt growing on the Tech ladies faces. - -Couldn't ask for a better start 2-0 in league , they get after it. Not gonna get any easier Iowa State up next. - 8 Matches in a row - -AWESOME ladies stay after it. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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Jason Bean named KU football's starting QB for opener vs. South Dakota

I think because of his legs - - -speed , IF the O-Line can sustain a block hold a block/protect because of Jason legs it's going to make defense respect his duo ability. Not a type of QB where they can just ping their ears back and full out blitz stack the line all the time - -if he can complete some passes early make them respect the Pass as well as the run.

I think we have solid running backs to run the ball well - -Again is the O-Line can maintain a block. I think we just might surprise be entertaining this season. Rock Chalk All day long Baby

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