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They said it ... about Tarik Black

You could be correct. For whatever reason (see my prior post) it was almost an oil and water mix here. The one thing going in my belief he will work at KU is Bill Self. This was Josh Pastner's first coaching job and he was barely 30 years old. He was a recruiter (very little on court coaching) for both John Calipari and also Lute Olsen when he got the job. His job 1 was to salvage the remains of the debris left by Calipari and he did keep the program above board and somewhat restore the image. He is no Bill Self at this stage of his career. The kid has an unbelievable upside in the paint. I really hope for everyone we get to see in next year. If we do everyone will be impressed. I am ready now the first game.

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They said it ... about Tarik Black

I have seen this guy in person and it not only will be a barrier but more like a re-bar reinforced concrete pillar. If motivated (for whatever reason the youthful Pastner could not motivate him) he can run the court very well for a man of his size get set up in the paint and also get a lot of charging calls. The guy has the talent and if Self can motivate him great use of the remaining scholarship this year.

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They said it ... about Tarik Black

Good point. I have seen Black play in person (live in Memphis) and IF Self and motivate this big man he has a high ceiling. I know one thing we will not see one shot and no rebound offensively if Black is in the paint. He is an absolute beast in the paint and will slam that rebound and score. Something never really clicked in Memphis be it the coaching staff, perhaps he should have left the community he grew up in as he was so highly ranked and recruited out of HS expectations were unrealistic, or the style of play. Obviously Self thinks he can and I trust his judgment. If so we will be able to go man to man in the paint with the likes of Michigan State.

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Ravens sign KU’s Dayne Crist

Congratulations and good luck. From everything I have read he is a smart kid. Pro's draft for a variety of reasons. He is going to a great franchise with QB stability and given the type of offense they run he might just surprise everyone. He also has the intelligence to run the opposing teams offense. I think the respect Charlie Weis had for the kid plus the respect Charlie Weis holds among the professional teams speaks volumes about assisting recruiting in the future. You have a coach (well a second one Bill Self does pretty well to say the least) that you know can help you make it to the next level. KU has not had that in football in like forever.

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Former Memphis forward Tarik Black to visit KU on Tuesday

Pastner was given an extension and pay raise as soon as USC rumors began to surface. I agree he would do more than fill Dooley's shoes and would benefit with the instruction of Self. However, given he was at 1.7 million prior to the extension and raise he has passed by the assistant position anywhere. Living here he will be a great coach and hopefully at a better place than Memphis. He is a recruiting dynamo. Given this is Memphis he has the 3rd ranked (depending on the service but for sure top 5) recruiting class next year.

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Former Memphis forward Tarik Black to visit KU on Tuesday

Withey had multiple years left in College to develop. This is a one year deal. I think the problem with Black is not a physical thing but a dedication, motivational, and enthusiasm problem. He certainly had a problem while in Memphis (I live in Mps so have been exposed to him since his projection out of high school). This is a case where I do not blame Pastner (Mps Head Coach). Pastner is young but certainly is a motivational coach on steroids. Black was a total disappointment during his time here. However there are times local talent is better off developing out of the area and this might be one of them. If he does come to KU I certainly hope he will contribute to the level of his projected potential coming out of HS.

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Opinion: McLemore case exposes the seedy underworld of college basketball

Why USA Today? Follow the ownership. USA Today digital properties owns KY Sports Radio. They operate a web site celebrating KY basketball and specifically Calipari.

Don't believe me. Follow this link and then scroll to the bottom of the page and the ownership is listed as a property of USA Today Digital Properties.

Wiggins recruitment to KY is the goal.

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Ben McLemore’s former AAU coach says KU knew nothing about middleman

You are totally correct. I did not see it in this article but a couple of weeks ago I read in one of the major publications the NCAA did NOT EVEN INTERVIEW Coach K before arriving at their decision Duke would not be sanctioned.

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Ben McLemore’s former AAU coach says KU knew nothing about middleman

Well worth the read. I was going to post the link. I had read the Doyel piece first. I especially liked the following paragraph: From the Doyel piece: Someone should pay, obviously: the leeches. The people handing out the money. The people accepting the money. That's fraud of a scholarship, which could be a federal offense. Whatever it is, it should be illegal and the leeches should be punished by something as serious as the courts, not something as toothless as the NCAA.

I am not so sure Calipari was as innocent as he is portrayed in Memphis where I live.

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Opinion: Picking an agent can be perilous for NBA prospects

If anyone wants to check this just use your search engine and do a search on Kentucky Sports Radio + USA Digital. You will find the KY Sports Radio is totally dedicated to idolizing Calipari and KY basketball and if you scroll to the very bottom you will find it is owned by USA Digital. Kellerman411 above is totally correct. This is not about McLemore unless it is some hard feelings that he was one that did not go to KY it is all about a last minute smear to dissuade Wiggins from considering KU. What gets me is I understand "World Wide Wes" is still involved. And the NCAA is worried about this. I firmly believe it is not what is done with the NCAA but who allegedly did it.

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