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Dallas prep Mudiay taps SMU

Congrats to LB and Jank. We do not have slots for everyone and really this decision from the kids standpoint makes sense. SMU is a top flight school in his hometown. It has a great reputation in the DFW area. His family can come see him. He gets to play for a year with his brother. LB is a legend in coaching. I totally respect his decision. Now I would not say the same about some Calipari commitments.

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Big 12 releases KU men's basketball conference schedule

Correct. Plus Wake, and the winner of the Villanova _ USC game

This is one of the most challenging non conference lineups I have ever seen especially for a youthful team. They will be tested for sure. I am sure glad the entire team has been in Lawrence this summer.

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Bill Self shares credit at Hall induction

I lived in OK for several years and trust me Nadia and her husband Bart Conner are part of the fabric that is Norman. They live in Norman OK are accepted as Oklahomans and she has really come to love her life in OK. They own a well respected gymnastics academy in Norman. I was streaming a sports radio station in OKC as I read this and a couple of long time broadcasters were mentioning how she had totally involved herself in OK. She has been a great ambassador for the State in numerous charity and benefits activities and gymnastics specifically for decades. There was a really great article in The Oklahoman recently but it has been archived I guess I could not retrieve it.

Bob and his late father (one of the broadcasters) knew the Self family from the time they both grew up in Edmond where his dad was involved in the school administration. Apparently Bill Self had a great time especially when he introduced one of his guest Danny Manning saying he is someone you all just might remember. All in all it sounded like a great time for everyone.

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Self to go into Oklahoma Hall today

She married Bart Conner and they have lived in Norman OK decades. They have a school there. There was a really good article about her in The Daily Oklahoman about a week ago but I guess it has been archived. I was going to provide the link. She definitely considers Oklahoma home. It also gave some of the history that was extremely dangerous in her escape from Romania. I really was unaware of the chance she took to escape through woods just to get to freedom. I thought it was more like one of the exchange set up in a hotel with the CIA or something. Not so in this case. The history and the mutual acceptance of Oklahomans and Nadia is well known in OK.

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Self to go into Oklahoma Hall today

Respectfully Brock you either know absolutely nothing of Oklahoma City, its heritage, or this is just an unwarranted and outrageous and frankly offensive cheap shot. Clay Bennett is one of a group of trans-formative civic leaders responsible for the growth, the vibrant downtown area. He is a well respected businessman and principle owner of The Thunder. He met his future wife while attending Casady she is a descendant of the Gaylord empire of publishing. I was fortunate to live in OKC during the ascendancy from the depths of the oil bust of the early 1980's to see it rise to the vibrant city it is today. I can say I am proud of what OKC has due to good governance, dedicated civic leadership, and a plan has become. Without the dedication, the resources and the vision of men like Clay Bennett it would still be just a dusty little downtown.

Incidentally The Daily Oklahoman has been running articles on Bill Self since last week. He is one of only a few that is really liked by both the OSU and OU fans.

When I read the first few word of your comment I thought no I hope he does not lure him to The Thunder if something happens to Brooks. I really was taken aback by the conclusion of your comment.

There is an article in The Oklahoman today detailing Clay Bennett I suggest you read. If anyone else has an interest in knowing more about the man Bill Self will be inducted with the link is below. I think after you read it the comment above will be devoid of any credibility.

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Second-year pro Tyshawn Taylor auditions to back up Nets' star guard

I am not sure I agree. I actually think we do better when the kids experience the real game atmosphere in Allen rather than the Late Night (as well as it is produced). I do not have the stats but I think we came in second on several that attended Late Night. As great as Late Night is it does not compare to a close real conference game atmosphere or a named opponent.

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NBA Draft blog: Jeff Withey selected with 39th pick by Portland; discussing the fit for Ben McLemore in Sacramento

Unfortunately I think you are correct especially about the low life agent. He appears to be a good kid that should have listened to the advice of Bill Self to be careful his associates. This same low life agent is now allegedly involved with a problem at UNC. I may not be the biggest fan of Roy but I trust what he says about the incident just as I do Self.

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NBA Draft blog: Jeff Withey selected with 39th pick by Portland; discussing the fit for Ben McLemore in Sacramento

You are totally correct. Goodness what a pit. I am not even sure the ownership and location are resolved permanently.

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Frank Mason gets taste of hoops hoopla

I live in Memphis. You are correct. The Memphis team has a very young coach in Pastner and some in my opinion less that top tier assistants. He has no "big man" coach at all. All of the assistants are former guards and they have no inside game. A business acquaintance told me he knows the family and going to KS was the best thing that ever happened to Black. He is a beast and will fit very well in the Self system and is also older. After the summer with Hudy he will be hard to control and with coaching from someone that has a clue about the position I really think he will be a significant addition to the team..

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SMU's Jerrance Howard the choice to replace Joe Dooley on KU basketball staff

I just trust Bill Self. He coached him at Illinois and would know his skill set and work ethics. Bill Self hires him from Larry Brown. Obviously Larry Brown thought enough of him to hire him. Brown is no slouch of evaluation of assistants or players. I would guess Larry Brown is not too happy to see an assistant leave after one year but SMU is SMU and KS is KS. Who would not want to be a part of this program next year?

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