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UCLA sends KU packing en route to second straight Final Four

we won't have a better team next year, this was our shot.

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UCLA sends KU packing en route to second straight Final Four

tha half-time report just said KU was fortunate to not be down by more...did they watch the game? UCLA is fortunate to not be down by 20!

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KU tastes Sweet-ness for first time since 2004

go to and sign up (just an email address, no costs) and you can watch any game you want for free. thats what i've been doing

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Rush, Wright wax Baylor in 82-56 bounceback win

those emails are hilarious! keep us posted...btw, there is nothing wrong with bandwagon fans...

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KU gets cold shoulder

too bad brandon rush isn't 19 years old. he's in his 20's. get a clue.

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KU baits Gators in OT, 82-80

my pleasure imagold, i like you guys. you're my kind of peeps. great game.

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KU baits Gators in OT, 82-80

hey guys, I'm over here!! I said "fire bill self"! here I am, I surface even when we win!

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KU baits Gators in OT, 82-80

fire bill self

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Searching for a silver lining

I agree with saad007. While we may end up winning some great games, and may even make it past the first round of the tournament someday, KU basketball is not nearly as exciting as it was to watch under Roy. I watch UNC play as much as I can now, because their team is fun to watch, the fast pace, quick scoring is much more fun to watch. And while yes, UNC had a rough time putting away Winthrop, the fact of the matter is that they DID put them away. That is a difference in coaching, not just playing. They came out in the second half with a different strategy that got them back in the game and ultimately won it. Self is a great recruiter, and a nice guy...but it doesn't feel like Kansas basketball, not yet anyway. It feels like the all the tradition has left the program. What happened to our hunger and drive to protect our home court at all costs??? I'd like to feel the magic again.

November 17, 2006 at 11:19 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Kansas shocked by ORU, 78-71 just keep revealing how ignorant you are of the game. if you think that players are the only/main factor of the game, you are sadly mistaken.

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