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What stood out at Friday's Kansas basketball scrimmage at Late Night in the Phog

Great inside info, thanks Matt!!

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NCAA votes to dissolve IARP path as part of infractions overhaul; IARP still expected to handle Kansas basketball case to completion

"it's clearly the Democrats who are engaging in it."

I couldn't agree more!

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Red team tops Blue on unlikely buzzer beater at 14th annual Rock Chalk Roundball Classic

Awesome to see that Ostertag played in his first Roundball Classic!

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Former Jayhawk Joel Embiid's runner-up finish in 2022 MVP voting no snub nor an indication of his place in the game

I would cut Embiid some slack Andy, as he did just suffer a "right orbital fracture and mild concussion", in their Game 6 victory over the Raptors, along with dealing with a right thumb sprain, which certainly could explain why he "did not look very engaged" as he wears a protective mask. Hopefully he'll find his energy/mojo and lead the 76ers to victory, as they certainly depend on him to be dominant otherwise they have no shot.

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Big 12 announces make-up date for KU-TCU, setting up back-to-back games between Jayhawks and Horned Frogs

I certainly can understand why those of you that live outside of the Kansas viewing area may like ESPN+, but for the masses of KU fans that live in the area, moving the large number of games to ESPN+ has resulted in a huge loss of game broadcast quality (as detailed quite well in Blake's post above). The issue is not paying for access, it is lack of quality! I have access to ESPN+ but due to the subpar quality, I've ended up missing almost every one of the ESPN+ games this season and most likely will continue to do so. This coming from someone who didn't miss a single televised KU Bball game in decades prior and would catch the few non-televised games on radio (ugh!). The quality is just subpar and it's weakening my life long KU Bball addiction, which I didn't think was possible prior.

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KU coach Bill Self says 3rd-seeded Jayhawks 'in as good a shape as we can be in'

Net rankings are subjective, especially in this season of COVID. WSU won the AAC regular season championship (over Houston, a #2 seed in the big dance), beat Ole Miss at their place and has exactly 1 tier 3/4 loss (to an improving Cincinnati in their conf. tournament). They've done enough to justify being in the tournament. Don't let bias cloud your judgement.

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Could former KU great Danny Manning be a head coaching candidate at Wichita State?

I disagree. With the right coach, WSU is a very strong program, with a great fan base packing their arena regularly (pre-COVID), and they've been paying coach Marshall 3.5 million/year. With Danny's ties to Kansas, it could be a great landing spot for him. The current situation with that program is specific to the coach, not the program. How exactly are they "on a steep dive"?

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Kansas big man Udoka Azubuike calls return to KU 'exciting,' lists getting back in shape as top goal

Based on the violent ferocity of each and every one of Dok's dunks, I'm convinced both wrist injuries were caused by repeated dunking. Hopefully Dok continues to dunk at will, but takes it a bit easier on the rim going forward.

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Quick recap: Kansas avoids season sweep with 80-76 win over Iowa State

"Chicken Little or troll?" says the one person who is actually trolling, appearing to have more concern constantly beating up fellow posters than adding ANYTHING constructive to the conversation. I have no idea if this is the same Jay Scott who used to grace this board with class, intelligence & passion, but based on all the negativity that spouts from this Jay Scott's recent posts, something terrible must have happened in your life to make you so miserable that you seek out to spread your misery to fellow Jayhawk supporters. Sad & pathetic!

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