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KU hopes to make strides following break

Brianna ~ You make a very realistic analysis of this year's team, and about the Temple game. One of the least attractive traits about the "typical" sports fan, is when their enthusiasm for their favorite team becomes too closely tied to their ego. We see evidence of that here, and certainly in the 'blog' comments following the Temple game. When individual "fans" become involved in personal attacks on one another, which happens much too often on this site, it is clear that it's more about an ego, rather than the basketball team. Yes, this team has significant "flaws" ~ not as individual player flaws so much, but because of the almost complete lack of experience they bring as a group ~ this is one of the least experienced Bill Self's teams I can recall. Even the few 'returning' players did not bring all that much experience and raw talent with them. Extremely talented, without question. Big 12, D-1 experience, hardly any. The contrast in those games when we've played brilliantly for a half, and really poorly in the other half, is clear evidence of both the innate talent of our individual players, and their lack of experience. We are fortunate to have a coach who has proven over the years to have the ability to turn a talented group of individual players into a very good team. Frankly, our record at this point in the season, considering a very tough schedule and a very inexperienced team, is pretty damn good. The two blow-out losses, combined with overall inconsistent play, gives a distorted picture ~ especially when trying to make an accurate assessment of the team as of now, and for sure, going forward into Big 12 play. Thanks for the tip about the the other site ~ hopefully, the "band-wagon", ego driven, so-called "fans" won't follow.

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Column: Alexander candidate for huge progress at break

"Candidate for huge progress" ~ what a not-so-clever way to express it!

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25 years ago today, KU basketball beat Kentucky, 150-95

My son and I were fortunate enough to get tickets to this game ~ I will never forget the 'out of breath' feeling we had when the 1st half ended, along with the "Did we just see what I think I saw?" reaction.

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KU basketball's Traylor, football's Coleman arrested early Sunday morning

Now, there's some words of wisdom on this topic.

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Jayhawks declaw No. 10 Golden Bears

Great win Jayhawk women. Nice to get early in the schedule as it is definitely something to build on. Most importantly, you have proven to yourselves (and us) that you are a very good basketball team

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Kansas womens basketball vs. No. 10 Cal

Congratulations on a GREAT win Jayhawk women. Build on this outstanding effort!

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Coaching Search 2014: News, nuggets and nonsense as things heat up

Ahh, the mentality (or lack of) of the sports fan. Relax, Dave ~ paranoia seems to be setting in ~ there is absolutely no need for you to accuse someone of "threatening" you, when it simply doesn't exist ~ except in the recesses of your head. How anyone can get so exercised, to the point of making a "threat" in response to the perception of a "threat", is beyond me. The discussion is about a football coach, for God's sake ~ a football coach! Take a deep breath, and don't take yourself so seriously ~ not many others do.

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KU volleyball to host NCAA game again ... in Topeka

Article says Horesji is too small for NCAA tournament games.

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2015 Big 12 football schedule released by conference

When you say, "we've added a bye week" ~ well, you will be corrected, regardless of your "point".

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The Day After: A UK embarrassment

While Ellis can, and has had impressive performances, his demeanor on the court is Perry Ellis. A very talented basketball player who is inconsistently aggressive during games. It almost seems that he can be "taken out" of games, either by an opponent, or by his inconsistent play. Because of who he is, he doesn't appear to have the qualities that would permit him to be a team leader ~ an obvious missing piece on this team. Based on our play in only two games ~ we play just as we are ~ one of the most inexperienced KU teams in the past several years. There is no question that we have a lot of talent, but playing at the D-1 level, inexperience often trumps talent, no more so than at the beginning of the season, when experience begins to magnify talent. The term 'work in progress' has never been more applicable than to this year's team. One other observation ~ the absence of a Jeff Withey and Andrew Wiggins type player is painfully obvious.

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