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Another new uniform in the works for KU basketball

Attaboy, Brett ~ Never let the facts get in the way of a infantile rant.

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Play of the year?: Traylor's hustle draws high praises

I guess it's true, even in sports, that good things happen to good people, (AKA, Jayhawk fans) who wait ~ whether patiently, or impatiently.

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Play of the year?: Traylor's hustle draws high praises

This hustle play by Traylor was reminiscent of the great play Oubre made in the OU game at a similarly clutch moment. Both plays were so much more than just the play. Those kinds of exceptional effort have a huge impact on the rest of the team, and the outcome of the games.

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Column: Jayhawks should channel energy

Ahh, the foibles of youth. Maturity, and in this situation, the lack thereof, is revealed in multiple forms ~ physical, intellectual and emotional. It is not difficult to connect the dots when we see the dramatic ups and downs this team has experienced this year ~ and, the on-court gestures and behavior mentioned in this piece are examples, as well. As this team gains from experience, and quite naturally grows in maturity, I am convinced that we will see continued improvement, on the court and in their ability to "act like they've been there before." Besides, Coach Self will see to that.

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Column: Obama provides advice

Keep your effing political views off this sports site ~ you just can't resist the temptation to pontificate, can you?

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Boyd’s last-second bucket lifts KU women over Texas Tech

Nice road win! Impressive 2nd half effort. Well done!!

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Kansas-Texas Tech women's box

Nice road win ~ impressive 2nd half effort.

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Bourbon headed to Washburn; Cox expected back

No, the point was way more than obvious ~ and had little to do with the future of KU football.

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Column: Thinking longterm, Self benches Alexander in second half

You are ignoring the point ~ Alexander was on the court, but he wasn't playing playing playing. He is an example of the reality that not all (projected) Top 5 HS players are created equal ~ especially when they face really good D-1 competition. Potential is simply a word in the dictionary, and doesn't do anything for you, or your team at game time. He may ~ or may not become an exceptional college player.

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KU hopes to make strides following break

Rod ~ So many concerns with your post. Let's begin with an easy one. "Ego lol"?~ Ego, as evidenced in the barrage of words contained in the posts you so frequently submit. In fact, your paragraph about the word is a perfect example of someone driven by an ego to attempt to impress others. Fail!
Not sure where the "distorted picture" reference comes from. The 'fact' remains that this the least experienced Bill Self team in recent memory. In addition to the many first year players, those returning from last year's team are just 'pretty good' players, with not all that much experience either. Even our "best" returning player, Perry Ellis, had an up and down season last year, not unlike this year. Their inconsistent play is an example of what can happen in these situations. I suspect a number of KU fans, including me, were expecting several of the incoming players to make the transition to D-1 basketball much better, and at a quicker pace than has been the case. I guess not all McDonald's All-Americans are equal in their ability to make that happen.
Your comments in paragraphs 4 -7 are simply statements of fact, and the Traylor question is one I suspect many, including Coach Self, are asking ~ and other than simply repeating common knowledge, have little to add to the dialogue.
I disagree with your statement that it is ok to boo your team. Critique your team, comment on your objective perceptions, but, it's simply not ok to make personal criticisms of individual players. You ain't been there-done that! Other than satisfying one's 'ego' (that word again) by attempting to appear to be more of an expert on the subject than you are ~ I see no value in doing so. Certainly, you can ask for (your words) better play and coaching ~ although other than expressing an opinion (everyone's got one), I'm not sure that actually accomplishes anything other than personal ego satisfaction.
Your declarative "Band-Wagon is wrong", and your 'authoritative' personal definition is nonsense, and another example of ego taking center stage. While I hesitate to waste the time and space ~ in the context of my comments, it means a so-called fan who is rah-rah when things are going good, and boo-boo, when times are tough.
By the way ~ you might want to look again at your third paragraph. "...the first Bill Self team ...lose by 25" >> "...only happened once before...."???
Just so you know ~ I've violated a personal code by responding to your "response", and have no interest in engaging in a "conversation" with you, In fact, to me one of the most pathetic characteristics of many "sports fans", is when they engage in a conversation that too often, on this site and others, turns into an ego-driven monologue.
Lest I forget ~ I don't need your permission, or advice as to which site I choose.

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