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KU-WSU notebook: Conner the spy?

Seriously! Hate is such a ugly word. First, Coach Marshall wouldn't ask, and Conner wouldn't volunteer that kind of information; and secondly, surely you don't think Coach Marshall doesn't already have all the information he needs from personal observation and multiple scouting reports. For Bedore to even suggest this, with the stupid headline, is both absurd, as well as way below KU standards. Show a little class, Gary.

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The Day After: Revenge against West Virginia

Sorry ~ I'm going to take Coach Self's judgement over your, or any opinion 1,000 times out of 1,000.

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KU women hold on for 68-64, Senior Night victory over Iowa State

Great way to close out the season ~ at home with a great win. Thanks, Seniors. Give it all you've got in Dallas.

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Cliff Alexander won't play against Texas as KU looks into potential issue

Speculation ~ NO! Wait for facts ~ YES!

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Cliff Alexander won't play against Texas as KU looks into potential issue

And, your "inside information" is from what reputable source?

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Big 12 commissioner issues public reprimand to Kansas State over Monday's court-storming incident

First, I've been a Jayhawk since 1950. Next, the behavior of the K, St. fans Monday night was beyond reprehensible and it's both fortunate that a KU player and/or coach was not injured ~ and unfortunate that the Big 12 Conference hasn't had an official code of conduct, with appropriate penalty's in place. That being said, I have also attended a number of games in AFH during these 60+ years, at which the students, and perhaps adult fans, as well, have used the word "f**k you", usually directed at the officials, and as recently as this season, have used the words "bull s**t and "f**k you", usually in reference to an official's call. I also recall times that it was so prevalent that Coaches Williams and Self ~ and perhaps Coach Brown, to their credit, had to personally admonish the crowd for their behavior, as well. I understand how passionate fans, especially college basketball fans at the D-1 level, can be ~ hell, in my past I'm sure I was one of those kinds of fan. However, now older, and questionably wiser, I realize that the passion that leads to that language, and Monday night's debacle has no place in the basketball arenas and whatever it takes to discourage and eliminate that must be put in place ~ by both the Universities and the Conferences. I am immensely proud of our Jayhawk teams, and especially our fans who attend all of our games and competitions ~ particularly noticeable when there are TV crowd shots of the absurd "costumes" worn by our opponent's so-called fans, and cartoon-like behavior. Although, in one instance, "costume" may not be the correct definition ~ more like "daily dress wear"!! Not to name names, but the word "hillbilly" comes to mind.

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Column: Sadly, Alzheimer's wins again

I am so glad someone "thought" they had grasped the most important content in this story. Wrong again ~ in more than one way.

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The Day After: Outplayed in Oklahoma

Inexperienced talented young players, who have not made the progress that previous Bill Self -coached teams have typically made by this point in the season ~ plus, the lack of a physically and mentally tough, talented post player.

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Bill Self on Big 12 race, KU's progress, playing at OSU (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

Guess that's why you're a fan, and he's the Coach.

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KU Sports Extra — Alternators and Recruitinators

Perfect response.

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