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Tom Keegan: Jay Bilas wonders why college athletes can't have agents

That's an awful idea. Players do not need agents. Head coaches have it hard enough without dealing with agents.

What if a player's agent tells coach not to play his client or limit his client's minutes. What if 2 players have the same agent - one really good player and one so-so player. What if the agent tells the coach to play both of his clients or increase the minutes for his so-so player. UGH!!! Can you imagine.

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Self understands 'heavens are falling' but remains focused on KU getting better

I think losing Coleby hurt KU a lot. Towards the end of last season, he was getting more comfortable with his knee. I just remember the game where the players gave him a standing ovation in the locker room. We could have used him.

Also, I just don't see the talent on this year's team to get title #14. If I heard Self say the team needs tweaking, I'd be happy. But that's not the case. It's February and the team is not gelling. We don't even have a regular starting lineup.

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Hack-a-Dok: Free-throw shooting woes send KU home from Oklahoma in defeat

Yes, Doke's missed free throws hurt us; but it should have never gotten to that. We had a nine point lead. Why can't this team step on other team's throats when they have them down.

I also agree about Sam. Vick is playing the part of the invisible man. Why not let him play the part on the bench. Cuncliffe needs some of those minutes. We aren't getting any production out of that position as it is. It can't hurt!

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Kansas forward Billy Preston dribbles a ball at half court as his teammates get stretched prior to t

I am glad this is over. I hate what Preston and/or his family put KU through. I hate to imagine what would have happened to KU if Preston had played regular season games and this whole mess happened.!!!

I don't blame the NCAA at all. If it was a clear cut transaction with the car, it would have been cleared up immediately. But if you are trying to cover your tracks, it's hard to find a clear path to come up with an answer. One lead leads to another path; which may lead to 2 paths, etc.

I just hope KU comes out okay in this mess!!!

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Is today the day for De Sousa or Preston news?

It wasn't the car; but wasn't it the paperwork associated with the car. One trail lead to another to another.

If it was purchased above board, the paperwork would have been sufficient to show the car was legally purchased (or above board) and provided to Preston.

If Preston's mom was going to get Billy a car; why didn't she go through the compliance office to make sure everything was above board.

I'm just glad it was caught prior to Billy playing for KU. I would hate to think what would have happened if KU would have found out at the end of the season.

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KU coach Bill Self still deciding whether to start Malik Newman or Marcus Garrett vs. K-State

Don't fix it if it isn't broke. KU has been winning with Garrett starting. Garrett plays good defense and crashes the boards.

Keep Newman coming off the bench. We need that energy and points off the bench.

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Self will seek to fill scholarship opened up by Whitman departure

Dwight Coleby has nothing to be forgiven for. KU kinda booted him out when Svi decided to come back to school. Wasn't the deal there were no more scholarships?

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NBA Draft delivers latest reasons NBA, NCAA should tweak draft rules

I don't ever see a rule change. The NBA is not going to change to make it easier for the NCAA. The NCAA made a change to help kids get input on their ability and allow them to come back to school as long as they don't sign an agent. How does a kid get real input without an agent. During this period, is it better to have an agent to fight for you?? I think it's nice but to me, you're holding a Coach/School hostage. They are trying to fill scholarships. They are hoping a kid(s) they are after are patient. What if they aren't.

A kid should be able to go directly from high school to the NBA. But I don't think the NCAA should allow coaches to 'hold open' positions in case it doesn't work out for the kid. That's the chance they take. If they don't get drafted, they can try their hand in Europe.

I don't like the idea of a minimum time in college either. What if a kid unexpectantly excels during his first year. It's not fair to hold him back because of a 2-3 year minimum rule.

I don't know what the fix is.

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NBA Draft delivers latest reasons NBA, NCAA should tweak draft rules

I agree with Matt on this. I think Diallo made the right decision. There is no guarantee he would have got better being here another year. And who's to say he would have got much playing time. He could be sitting the bench again. Why not go to the NBA to learn to play and get paid.

He impressed several GMs during the NBA Combine. Maybe KU's style of play didn't fit Diallo's style of play.

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Second best: Kansas players shut out of first round

Perry was a good college player but I did not see his games translating over to the NBA (size for position, ball handling, creating shots, defense).

Diallo impressed several people at the NBA Combine. Maybe KU wasn't the right fit for his style of game.

If Greene shot a high percentage of 3s for the teams he worked out for, I can see him catching on with a team.

Selden, I believe, hurt his chances by being inconsistent and not using his body to be aggressive. If the Korea Selden showed up every game, he would have been a lottery pick.

Also, I know KU plays kids in positions that best helps KU win. Which is should be. But I wonder if playing kids out of position hurts their chances going to the next level.

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