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Former Jayhawk Lagerald Vick pulls name from NBA draft pool

What a jackass. Did he actually think he was one of the 60 best players trying to enter the league this year? Despite his absence from all the mock drafts and the fact that nary a single scout believed he'd get drafted nor ever play a day in the league, and everyone else with two eyes and a brain who has seen him play and knew he wouldn't get drafted or ever wear more than a "G-League" jersey, he STILL opted to leave school.

And it wasn't to test the waters like his smarter, larger, and far more talented teammate Azubuke who actually has NBA talent and potential. No, he (or someone) had it in his (or her) mind that he'd somehow magically impress scouts at the combine and trick them into believing he was someone who could help an NBA team.

Unfortunately, I don't think I was Lagerald who made the decision--I think it was mommy and her selfish, shortsighted desire to begin making money off her son. And being a good son and a better person than he is a basketball player, he listened to mommy and didn't want to let mommy down and did as mommy said.

If HE actually believed he was going to defy the mock drafts and the opinions of literally every scout who said he had no chance of being drafted, then he's even dumber than I thought.

Regardless, if I was KU, I'd tell him good riddance. We've already replaced him and his position and then some. If he was a big, like a solid 4 or 5 who could help us out down low, then I'd have him back. But he's a 2/3, and mediocre 2/3 guards come a dime a dozen, and we have at least 2 of them coming in from high school who are already better, more polished players than he will ever be.

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Free State's Jalan Robinson watches football recruitment skyrocket before signing day

How do you get full-ride scholarship offers from big-time SEC and BIG-10 schools that actually play in bowl games like Mississippi State and Nebraska, but then weaka$$ KU comes along and offers a dammed "preferred walk-on" spot? I'm not a big football guy, so in basketball terms, that sounds like the equivalent of someone getting full-ride offers from Arizona and Florida and Ohio State and other top-notch programs, but only getting offered a walk-on position from UMKC or Florida A&M or whatever basketball program is comparable to Kansas football in regards to being one of the worst programs in all of Division 1.

I'm beginning to think there may be a reason KU BASKETBALL is a perennial powerhouse who's won 13 consecutive conference championships while KU FOOTBALL is a squad of perennial pushovers being coached by a bunch of incompetent, brain dead pansies.

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Notebook: WVU's Harris earns start despite reprimand; Self wears Huggins' pullover

Look at the bottom left corner of the picture of Bob Huggins and Bill Self! What I want to know is what my old buddy and classmate Brennan Bechard--also a famous KU Walk-On and current assistant coach--is doing standing behind Huggins's right shoulder wearing a bright yellow West Virginia shirt. That's either Brennan's brother, cousin, or doppelganger.

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Column: Wayne Selden Jr. shows board potential

I agree with your first post, Darwin Dandy, in that Self will continue to start Selden. Just as he stuck it out with Elijah Johnson, Tyshawn Taylor, and to a lesser degree, Naadir Tharpe, Self will do the same with Selden. He plays favorites, whether he admits it or not, and he becomes attached to certain players, particularly guards, like the ones I mentioned above. However, I have a hard to believing he's going to have a superb year. he's undoubtedly less explosive than he was coming out of high school, and he's simply not a good enough shooter to offset his surprising inability to effectively attack the basket. Look, I truly hope he comes in this year and becomes the player we all thought he'd be from day 1, but I'm certainly not going to expect much more than he's given us the last two years for the reasons above. I had as high of hopes as anyone coming into the last two seasons, but if it wasn't for him being Self's chosen son, he'd likely be giving up his starting spot to Svi, Greene, or potentially Vick, who reminds me of a combination of McLemore and Releford, which is a pretty awesome combo.

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Vitale judges Jayhawks

Oops. Didn't see you had already clarified the meaning of your post already, Joe. As I thought, and it was quite obvious, you were NOT questioning whether or not Dicky is a great guy, haha.

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Vitale judges Jayhawks

Gary- I don't mean to speak for Joe, but I'd tone it down a notch. It doesn't take immaculate reading comprehension to realize that Joe wasn't questioning whether or not Dicky V is a great person. He was obviously saying something along the lines that DESPITE the fact that he's a great guy, he's "shtick" as an announcer is old and washed up. It's actually quite hilarious that you'd leap to such a conclusion, as though Joe was saying, Dick may, or may not, be a great guy, the answer to that is still to be determined. I'll give you a break, though--it was late and an exhausting game.

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Big man meant no disrespect

Niiice, Hawkinator. I love it when poeple are able to quote the greatest, most important television series ever created (The Wire) when discussing the greatest, most important basketball program ever "created" (The University of Kansas Jayhawks).

I'm Avon Barksdale, and I approve this message.

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Titans ‘flying high’

"But you have to stay humble. Once you get out of that humble mind-set and into arrogance, you’re going to fall apart as a team...."

Uh.... Yeah, says the arrogant punk, Eli Holman, who earlier stated, "Robinson? I can handle Robinson. He has to handle me." That goes beyond "humble and confident," and reeks of arrogance, over-confidence, and further, a sheer lack of respect for his opponent.

Before tomorrow's, or rather, tonight's tip-off, I've only got one thing to say to Mr. Holman: In the famous words of Mr. Blonde, "Are you gonna bark all day, little doggy, or are you gonna bite?"

We'll see if he's still selling any wolf tickets after the final buzzer has sounded. I doubt it.

I know a lot of people are worried about this Detroit team, or rather, worried about whether or not our guys are going to come out prepared to play. Well, I'm not. I think our guys are going to be ready to stick it to them. The loss to Baylor, watching Mizzou hoist the Big 12 Tournament trophy, and listening to analysts (and future opponents) far and wide disrespect them during the last week will have lit a fire under their asses.

I'm saying the Jayhawks prevail 84-68.

Oh, and as for dunking, I'll put up the Prophet Elijah and B-Mac against RayMac and Doug Anderson anytime, any day, anywhere.

That's not at the end of practice... That's at the end of a GAME (albeit an all-star game).

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Former Jayhawk Brady Morningstar familiar with Jeremy Lin

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Mizzou fan antics don’t rile Robinson

Haha, I hadn't forgotten about Eminem. I just figured that went without saying. I was assuming Konkey had at least heard of Eminem, which should be enough in itself not to make a blanket statement like "Midwest white kids can't rap."

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